Does your pooch have star quality?

Two lucky pups from the Bendigo area could be held in the same esteem as theatrical dogs Lassie, Beethoven, Marley and Toto.

Bendigo Theatre Company is hoping to find two dogs to perform in their upcoming musical Legally Blonde.

The canine actors will star as Elle Wood’s dog Bruiser and Paulette’s pooch Rufus.

Director Vern Wall said the successful dogs would be calm, friendly and look cute.

“They have a very short time on stage but must be used to bright lights and loud sounds because of the orchestra,” he said.

“They must also be alright with a lot people moving around. We don’t want them to get frightened or too excited.”

Mr Wall said Bruiser’s scenes would see the pup coming on stage and barking to tell characters what Elle is doing.

Rufus has a slightly easier job being required to run on stage and be carried off by a character.

Ideally, the dogs that are cast will be a chihuahua for Bruiser and a French bulldog for Rufus but auditions are open to all breeds.

“If we can’t get those particular breeds we are open to other small breeds and some larger dogs within reason,” Mr Wall said.

Audition hopefuls must register through the Bendigo Theatre Company website.

Performer Amy McMillan, who plays the lead role of Elle Woods, said the dogs were a big part of the show.

“The dogs are so important to the show. They'll get their moment in the bows at the end,” she said.

“It will makes the show much more exciting, everyone loves dog. It will also be an awesome experience for a dog owner who might never have experience theatre from backstage before.”

Ms McMillan said the only show she had been in with a dog was BTC’s production of Annie in 2010. 

“That dog was Sandy, who was with Annie all the time, so I didn’t get to interact with it,” she said.

For more information or to register your dog for auditions head to 

BTC’s production of Legally Blonde is on at Ulumbarra on October 19, 20 and 21 at 8pm and October 21 and 22 at 2pm.