Heathcote District Football Netball League grand final 2017 | Live coverage

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There is no shortage of stories coming out from Saturday’s HDFNL grand final day.





  • Under-17 – Leitchville-Gunbower 8.12 (60) defeated LBU 5.9 (39);
  • Reserves – North Bendigo 9.11 (65) defeated White Hills 5.11 (41).
  • Seniors – Leitchville-Gunbower 15.18 (108) defeated North Bendigo 12.10 (82).


  • Under-15 – LBU 42 defeated Colbinabbin 38;
  • Under-17 – Elmore 38 defeated Colbinabbin 32;
  • B reserve – White Hills 47 defeated Mount Pleasant 37.
  • B grade – White Hills 51 defeated North Bendigo 19
  • A reserve – White Hills 72 defeated Mount Pleasant 24
  • A grade – Colbinabbin 43 defeated White Hills 40.


5.15pm: That’s it from our live coverage of the Heathcote District Football Netball League grand final day.

But don’t drift too far from the website, we have stacks of photos being upload shortly and match reports to come back from our sports journalists in Huntly.

Here’s some photos we have already uploaded:

In case you missed it here is the final minutes of the senior football grand final.

5.09pm: Siren! The Bombers have won their first premiership since 1995.

Final score Leitchville-Gunbower 15.18 (108) to North Bendigo 12.10 (82).

5.08pm: Ash Craig gets another late goal for North Bendigo. It won’t matter though with 30 minutes gone in the final quarter. Leitchville-Gunbower 15.18 (108) to North Bendigo 12.10 (82).

5.04pm: North Bendigo get a consolation goal. Minutes to go now.

Score Leitchville-Gunbower 15.18 (108) to North Bendigo 11.8 (74).

4.59pm: Luke Sevior kicks the sealer for Leitchville-Gunbower. The Bombers 14.17 (101) to North Bendigo 10.7 (67).

4.56pm: Coates kicks a point from a set shot on the boundary line.

Score Leitchville-Gunbower 13.16 (94) to North Bendigo 10.7 (67).

4.47pm: Goal to North Bendigo. It came from Brady Herdman who has kicked four for the day and been the Bulldogs’ best player. Margin 26 to Leitchville-Gunbower.

4.44pm: Coates gets another and the margin is out to 32 points. Is it too much for North Bendigo to come back from?

Score is Leitchville-Gunbower 13.15 (93) to North Bendigo 9.7 (61).

4.42pm: Bomber Coates gets the first of the last quarter. Margin 25 points.

4.38pm: Last quarter underway. First goal is crucial to both teams. North Bendigo want to close the margin further while the Bombers will be looking to close the match out.

4.30pm: Three-quarter time in the senior football. Leitchville-Gunbower 11.13 (79) lead North Bendigo 9.7 (61).

NETBALL, 4.29pm: Colbinabbin have won the A-grade netball final, defeating White Hills. Final score 43-40

4.28pm: Rhys Ford kicks another and the margin is 17 points late in the third quarter.

Score is Leitchville-Gunbower 11.12 (78) to  9.7 (61).

LIVE NETBALL, 4.27pm: Deep into the last quarter its Colbinabbin 42 to White Hills 37.

4.25pm: Bulldogs reply again. Margin back to 22 points with a goal from Rhys Ford.

4.23pm: Matt Perri kicks his sixth for Leitchville-Gunbower. Lead out to 28-points with the Bombers 11.11 (77) leading North Bendigo 7.7 (49).

NETBALL, 4.20pm: Colbinabbin have a three-goal lead  in the A-grade final. The biggest lead of the game.

4.17pm: North Bendigo get one back through Aaron Craig.

With 19-minutes gone in the third quarter it is the Bombers 10.11 (71) to North Bendigo 7.7 (49).

4.15pm: Daniel Couwenberg kicks a goal and the Bombers have shot out to a 28-point lead.

It’s Leitchville-Gunbower 10.11 (71) to North Bendigo 6.7 (43).

Matt Perri has also kicked five for the Bombers.

NETBALL, 4.14pm: White Hills are in front of Colbinabbin at three-quarter time. It’s 33-32.

LIVE NETBALL, 4.07pm: It’s a terrific game in the A-grade netball final. Scores were level early in the third quarter at 23-23.

4.06pm: Goal to Leitchville-Gunbower to extend their lead back to 16 points.

3.58pm: Third quarter underway in the HDFNL seniors grand final. Herdman marks in the foirward 50 with seconds and he kicks his third and North Bendigo’s sixth.

It’s the Bombers 7.10 (52) to North Bendigo 6.6 (42).

NETBALL, 3.40pm: Close match in the A-grade netball final with White Hills leading Colbinabbin 11-10 at quarter time.

3.35pm: Half time. Leitchville-Gunbower 7.10 (52) leading North Bendigo 5.6 (36). The Bulldogs won’t be happy with those three late goals to Leitchville-Gunbower.

3.32pm: And another for the Bombers. Mitch Bruns kicks a goal to take his team’s score to 7.10 (52), 16 points ahead of North Bendigo on 5.6 (36).

3.31pm: Lincoln kicks another to extend Leitchville-Gunbower’s lead to 10 points. Close to half time its the Bombers 6.10 (46) to North Bendigo 5.6 (36).



3.28pm: Tim Lincoln puts the Bombers back in front. That’s six lead changes for the match so far.

Leitchville-Gunbower 5.10 (40) lead North Bendigo 5.6 (36).

3.24pm: North Bendigo grab the lead back with a goal from Barnes. Bulldogs ahead of Leitchville-Gunbower 5.6 (36) to 4.9 (33).

NETBALL, 3.22pm: White Hills and Colbinabbin are going through their final preparations. The A-grade final isn’t far away. Other results from the netball courts today: 

  • Under-15 – LBU 42 defeated Colbinabbin 38;
  • Under-17 – Elmore 38 defeated Colbinabbin 32;
  • B reserve – White Hills 47 defeated Mount Pleasant 37.
  • B grade – White Hills 51 defeated North Bendigo 19
  • A reserve – White Hills 72 defeated Mount Pleasant 24

3.20pm: Just into time on in the second quarter and scores are level at 4.6 (30) a piece.

3.16pm: Rhys Ford kicks a goal for North Bendigo and the lead changes again.

The score is North Bendigo 4.6 (30) to the Bombers 4.4 (28).

LIVE NETBALL, 3.14pm: Here’s the A-reserve netball presentation.

It is the Demons’ third netball premiership for the day. They also picked up wins in the B-reserve and B-grade grand finals.

3.11pm: Matt Perri gives Leitchville-Gunbower the lead back after kicking his fourth goal.

The Bombers are now 4.2 (26) to North Bendigo (3.4 (22).

NETBALL, 3.10pm: White Hills and picked up the silverware in the A-reserve final. The Demons beat Mount Pleasant 72-24.

Rosie Close put on a goal-shooting clinic to help White Hills secure the win.

3.01pm: North Bendigo hit the front with the first goal of the second quarter kicked by Zac Alford.

The Bulldogs now lead 3.4 (22) to Leitchville-Gunbower 3.1 (19). 

NETBALL, 2.55pm: In the A-reserve grand final it is three quarter time with White Hills way out in front of Mount Pleasant 55-18.

2.52pm: Herdman kicks another for North Bendigo just as the quarter time siren sounds. Leitchville-Gunbower 3.1 (19) are leading  North Bendigo 2.3 (15).

Bombers’ full forward Matt Perri kicked the first three of the game before Herdman’s two clutch goals.

Leitchville-Gunbower probably had the better first term and should lead by a bit more than 4 points.

2.48pm: On cue, Brady Herdman kicks the Bulldogs first.  The Bombers 3.1 (19) lead North Bendigo 1.2 (8).

2.46pm: It’s now three goals to Matt Perri. Leitchville-Gunbower  to 3.1 (19) to North Bendigo 0.2 (2).

Bulldogs need a goal to steady and get on the board.

2.45pm: Almost quarter time and North Bendigo are yet to kick a goal. It’s Leitchville-Gunbower 2.1 (13) to the Bulldogs 0.2 (2).

2.39pm: Perri kicks his second and the Bombers go to 2.13 (13) to North Bendigo 0.0 (0).

2.35pm: Leitchville-Gunbower’s forward Matt Perri kicks the opening goal from 48 metres.

The Bombers are 1.0 (6) to North Bendigo 0.0 (0).

2.33pm: Thirteen minutes gone in the opening term and still no score. Both defences working hard to keep it that way.

2.28pm: It’s a physical start to the game with a couple of minor scuffles.

North Bendigo’s Dan Morris also took an inadvertent knock in the opening minutes.

No score for either side yet.

2.19pm: Both sides in their final huddles and the opening bounce is a couple of minutes away.

This is tipped to be a cracker of a grand final.

2.05pm: The Seniors football grand final gets underway at 2.15pm with Leitchville-Gunbower and North Bendigo to do battle.

Here’s some of Addy sport journalist Luke West’s coverage from during the week.

NETBALL, 1.56pm: White Hills had an impressive win in the B-grade final beating North Bendigo 51-19.

The A-reserve grand final between White Hills and Mount Pleasant is up next before the A-grade final between White Hills and Colbinabbin at 3pm.

Check out Addy sports jouranlist Kieran Iles’ A-grade preview here.

1.51pm: Aaron Knight takes a mark just before the siren sounds. He converts after the siren to make the final score North Bendigo 9.11 (65) to White Hills 5.11 (41).

Strong finish from North Bendigo who were a goal behind midway through the last quarter before kicking five goals to seal the win.

1.47pm: The Bulldogs look like they have secured the reserves premiership. Geary’s snapshot makes the scores 8.11 (59) to 5.11 (41). Minutes left in this match.

1.45pm: Another goal to North Bendigo and they lead by two goals. 7.11 (53) to White Hills 5.11 (41).

LIVE VIDEO, 1.41pm: Goal to North Bendigo at the 21 minute mark of the last quarter.

Scores are the Bulldogs 6.11 (47) to White Hills 5.11 (41).

1.35pm: White Hills have hit the front! They lead 5.11 (41) to North Bendigo’s 5.9 (39).

1.24pm: The Bulldogs get the ideal start to the final term with a goal to stretch their lead to 10 points.

John Cooper’s goal makes it North Bendigo 5.8 (38) to White Hills 3.10 (28).

NETBALL, 1.23pm: White Hills and North Bendigo are also doing battle over on the netball courts in the B-grade grand final.

In the third term White Hills is leading the Bulldogs 31-8.

1.17pm: At three-quarter time its North Bendigo 4.8 (32) leading White Hills 3.10 (28).

The Demons kicked two goals to none in that quarter to close the margin to four points.

It has been a tight tussle all day between these two teams.

1.13pm: White Hills kick another goal and the margin is less than a goal.

Close to three-quarter time its North Bendigo 4.8 (32) leading White Hills 3.10 (28).

1.01pm: Big crowd building at Huntly for the senior grand final at 2.15pm.

Here’s a gallery of some of the faces in the crowd.

12.59pm: White Hills get its badly-needed goal. Margin back to 10 points.

The Demons 2.8 (20) trail North Bendigo 4.6 (30).

12.56pm: Short break in the football with a North Bendigo player injured.

Early in the third quarter the Bulldogs are 4.6 (30) to White Hills 1.7 (13).

The Demons would be eager to get the next goal.

NETBALL, 12.41pm: White Hills has secured the B-reserve premiership over on the netball courts.

The Demons beat Mount Pleasant 47-37.

12.38pm: It’s half time in the reserves grand final with North Bendigo 4.5 (29) leading White Hills 1.6 (12).

The Bulldogs attacked hard in the second quarter with the White Hills defence doing well to concede only two goals.

Will North Bendigo be able to build on its 17-point lead or will the Demons tighten the contest in the second half?

LIVE NETBALL, 12.30pm: Here’s the final quarter of the B-reserve netball grand final. White Hills led Mount Pleasant.

12.27pm: North Bendigo have kicked away in the reserves football grand final.

Repeat entries into the Bulldogs forward-50 has resulted in two goals in the second quarter.

The Bulldogs lead White Hills 4.5 (29) to 1.4 (10).

12.10am: North Bendigo 2.2 (14) lead White Hills 1.2 (8) at quarter time.

12.03pm: Damien McIntosh kicks a goal for White Hills to put the Demons in front by a point.

Scores White Hills 1.2 (8) to North Bendigo 1.1 (7).

11.50pm: The reserves football grand final has just got underway.

The Addy’s photographers have already been busy this morning.

11.22am: The reserves grand final between White Hills and North Bendigo will start at 11.50am.

Read a preview of the reserves grand final here.

NETBALL, 11.18am: Elmore has defeated Colbinabbin 38-32 in the under-17 netball grand final.

Earlier LBU 42 defeated Colbinabbin 38 in the under-15s.

Next on court is the B-reserve final between White Hills and Mount Pleasant.

Here’s the under-17 presentations. 

11.15am: Siren sounds in the under-17 football grand final and Leitchville-Gunbower will lift the cup.

It kicked five goals to one in the last quarter to beat LBU. Final scores 8.12 (60) to 5.9 (39).

11.09am: Time on in the under-17 football grand final and Leitchville-Gunbower hold a 10-point lead.

The scores are the Bombers 6.12 (48) to LBU 5.8 (38). 

11am: Toby Duncan kicks another goal to stretch Leitchville-Gunbvower’s lead to 11 points. 5.12 (42) to 4.7 (31).

10.59am: The Bombers have hit the front with a goal to take their score to 4.12 (36) to LBU’s 4.7 (31).

10.45pm: It’s three quarter time in the under-17 football grand final between LBU and Leitchville-Gunbower and it’s as close as you can get.

Scores are LBU 4.6 (30) tied with Leitchville-Gunbower 3.12 (30)

NETBALL, 10.39am: Results are already flowing in with the under-15 netball grand final going to LBU. They defeated Colbinabbin 42-38.

EARLIER: It is a great day for a grand final. Good luck to all teams playing in the Heathcote District Football Netball League grand finals!

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