Music therapy the aim of cancer campaign | Video, photos

SOMETIMES, a song perfectly encapsulates a moment.

As 57-year-old Daniel Parry underwent radiotherapy at the Bendigo Cancer Centre, the voice of Grim Fawkner floated through the speakers.

“There’s always someone worse off than me,” Fawkner sang. 

It’s the mentality Mr Parry maintains as he undergoes treatment for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“I’m getting out of it pretty lightly for someone that’s got cancer,” he says.

Grim Fawkner - Always someone worse off

Mr Parry and his family are passionate about the role music has to play in supporting rehabilitation. 

Nearly every week, you’ll find them at performances at Bendigo’s live music venues.

They want to bring music therapy to a place where patients might be at their most anxious – the hospital.

Mr Parry says the idea was inspired by his oncologist, Dr Robert Blum, who apparently envisaged a baby grand piano filling the waiting room of the cancer centre with sounds to soothe the soul.

While that might not be the form music therapy will take at the hospital, the family has arranged an event in support of the Bendigo Health Foundation to enable the dream to take shape in reality. 

Eleven acts have volunteered to feature in the line-up for the Chords for Cancer initiative.

They include Grim Fawkner,  Davy Simony, Mon Shelford, Bill Barber and the Revelators, The Uke Joint Jumpers, Matt Katsis, and Mr Parry’s daughter – Sherri Parry.

Miss Parry is the event’s instigator, and its driving force. 

Sherri Parry - Valerie

“I’m very proud of what Sherri’s doing and it’s great that all of those acts and artists are coming on board,” Mr Parry says.  

“Friends and business owners have been very generous and Sherri’s got some great friends. I say a big thank you to everyone for their support.”

The 19-year-old musician was especially thankful to the Golden Vine Hotel for hosting the event. 

Chords for Cancer will be staged from 2pm – 8pm on Sunday.

Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for children under 18 years of age, and free for those under 12.

Tickets will be available at the door.