Loddon Valley league 2017 grand final schedule

BRIDGEWATER (six) and Maiden Gully YCW Eagles (five) combine for 11 of the 18 grand final teams that will be competing for football and netball flags in the Loddon Valley league on Saturday at Serpentine.


Under-18s – Maiden Gully YCW v Pyramid Hill, 10.30am

Reserves – Calivil United v Bridgewater, 12.15pm

Seniors – Bridgewater v Calivil United, 2.15pm


15-under – Maiden Gully YCW v Pyramid Hill, 10.30am

C reserve – Maiden Gully YCW v Bridgewater, 10.30am

17-under – Bridgewater v Maiden Gully YCW, noon

C grade – Bridgewater v Newbridge, noon

B grade – Maiden Gully YCW v Bridgewater, 1.30pm

A grade – Mitiamo v Pyramid Hill, 3pm