A new face at Bush’s Produce

Visitors to Bendigo store Bush’s Produce may have noticed a fluffy new employee taking up residence at the counter in recent weeks.

On July 10, the store welcomed a new addition to the team – a black and white kitten already making himself at home in Williamson Street shop.

But the mischievous feline has yet to be named, with the store opening up the decision to the public this Saturday.

“He desperately needs a name,” said manager Frank Webb.

“He was given one as ‘Rosco’ when he was a new kitten but what we need now is a proper name for him to go forward.”

The kitten was adopted from Chally Animal Rescue, which has an adoption enclosure set up in Bush’s Produce. 

Mr Webb said the feline cheekily pounced onto long-term employee Simone Hamley’s back one day when she was cleaning the enclosure.

“That was the start of it,” he said.

“Like the last cat, he could be here for possibly 20 years, hopefully longer.”

The kitten fills a big vacancy at the store after much-loved tabby Tiger passed away in February.

Tiger had been an icon of the store for almost 20 years, greeting visitors from his spot on the counter.

On Saturday, Bush’s Produce will hold an “open day” where everyone is invited to meet the new kitten and suggest a name for him.

The best names will be shortlisted and one drawn from a hat on the day.

Mr Webb said the mischievous feline currently spent most of his time in the store’s office while he was trained, but staff took him out under careful supervision.

“He’s a bit flighty,” he said of the kitten who loves to jump.

“Next thing he’ll run up your leg and be on you shoulder.”

The open day runs from 9am to 4pm on Saturday, September 2, where there will also be reptile and wildlife displays from TZR Reptiles and Wildlife, and a barbecue by Chally Animal Rescue.