Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Will the business park create more jobs?

I cannot believe council is still wildly exaggerating the number of jobs projected to come from the Marong Business Park, and ignoring the projected cost - estimated to be around $100million - in its excitement.

 An expert witness at the Planning Panel showed the Panel that the estimated 3000 odd jobs referred to by SGS,and now Mr Budge, will come to Bendigo without the Business Park.  With the MBP it would be an additional 360 jobs.

The Panel also accepted that there would be a loss of good quality agricultural land, and that there was clear evidence that there are other suitable alternatives for rezoning land for industrial purposes, so they considered that it couldn't be justified that Council is required to intervene on behalf of the public - to acquire this land by a Public Acquisition Overlay.

The land is unsuitable also because of the depth of the groundwater on the site - 55cm to155cm. It will need to be pumped continuously to another location. 

There will be 5 properties deprived of all groundwater. 

This is on top of the Carter's losing their valuable, productive farming land, when there are other areas to place an industrial park.

I guess Mr Wynne thinks it politically expedient to look as though his government is doing something about job creation but he should not have signed off on this Planning amendment. 

He seems to have disregarded the Panel's concerns.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Economic case for same-sex marriage

Gay or same-sex marriage has been in the news a lot of late, it is an important human rights action that needs to happen within Australia.

The business case for gay or same-sex marriage is quiet compelling.

In Australia 11% of people identify as LGBTIQ ( 

Based on the 2015 figures, 113,595 marriages happened in Australia ( 

Using both of these figures, it would appear that roughly 12,495 marriage of same sex couples would happen within Australia.

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200. ( 

Based upon both of these numbers, allowing same-sex marriage would bring $452,319,000 into the economy each year.

How many jobs would this provide, how many new businesses would be created to service this industry?

This does not include those couples whom have been in long term, committed same-sex relationships and have been waiting for marriage equality to be passed and would once laws are passed. (Further benefiting the economy).

These numbers do not include traditional marriage rituals, such as a buck’s or hen’s night, or a honeymoon.

A simple piece of legislation will not only correct a human rights violation happening in Australia, it will provide economic impetus that will create jobs for people within Australia.

Sean Fanning, Flora Hill