Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Nothing will change

If I was born without an eye I would not lose my right to marry. So if I was born with a different sexual orientation why should I be different?  It is a matter of equality. People use the fact that marriage has been the way it is for centuries.  Would we want our appendix taken out the way they did it centuries ago? 

We learn more about our human body every year. We also hear the argument "What about the children". Same-sex couples have children now, so nothing will change that.  That fact that two people who love each other are committed enough to want to marry should be enough to make use all happy. In no way will it affect the way we live our own lives.

Jennifer Mathers, Epsom

Name inappropriate

What an inappropriate name for the new “Swimming Complex and Well Being Centre” being constructed at Kangaroo Flat.

The above name translates to “Kangaroo Waterhole”. Well, I’m no Kangaroo, and I don’t think any of those people using the centre are kangaroos either.

Come on Council, recognise greatness when you see it. Faith Leech, Gold and Bronze medal winner at the 1956 Olympic Games. She put Bendigo on the map.

Faith continued to give back to Bendigo by training and coaching many potential swimming champions in the many years which followed.

We don’t have to name every piece of infrastructure with an indigenous name. To call the kids pool the Faith Leech pool as an afterthought is an insult to Faith Leech.

The new major pool will be used, no doubt, to train for, and conduct state, national and world titles. We may even rate an Olympic training venue in due course.

We should call the complex for what it is, what it will be used for, and in memory of our greatest Olympian, Faith Leech, Gold Medallist.

“The Faith Leech Swimming and Well Being Centre” is what it is, so give it that name.

Tom Glazebrook, AM, RFD, ED Bendigo

Concern about name

The recent announcement of a name for the new Aquatic Centre by Council has caused some concern to those people who have supported the project for many years. The need for this Aquatic Centre at Kangaroo Flat has now been realised and the decision by our Council, Federal and State Governments will prove to be of great benefit to our City.

There is immense pride in the local Committee who have promised to raise a very large sum of money to support the project. Local business enterprises such as Hazeldenes and Mulqueen Printers have contributed significant amounts as have many groups and individuals. The naming of the Centre could have included many Kangaroo Flat citizens including the Mulqueen Family who have supported the Kangaroo Flat Swimming Club for over 30 years and still hold positions on that Committee. 

People such as Alan Besley, Bob Austin and the Lyons family and many others could have been recognized in this project'  However unselfishly all of these people have opted to recognise our greatest swimmer Faith Leach in the naming the Aquatic Centre.

The Council suggested name could easily be incorporated somewhere in the project in recognition of our indigenous heritage.   

Robin Pearse. Kangaroo Flat