Heathcote District Football Netball League vote count


North Bendigo's Jarrod Findlay

North Bendigo's Jarrod Findlay

9.27pm: We’ll have a complete wrap of the Cheatley Medal and A-grade netball on the website shortly. Thanks for joining us. Before you go, make sure you check out the best of 2017 photo gallery. Some brilliant pics by taken by the Addy photogrpahers.

9.25pm: It was one of the lowest counts in the medal’s history, with Findlay’s 15 votes the least by a winner since Colbinabbin’s Damien Slater also won with 15 in 2004.

9.23pm: North Bendigo’s Jarrod Findlay has won the 2017 Cheatley Medal.


15 – Jarrod Findlay (Nth Bgo)

14 – Ryan Semmel (Huntly)

13 – Matthew Ladson (LG)

13 – Matthew Perri (LG)

12 – Tyson Findlay (Nth Bgo)

12 – Joel Helman (Nth Bgo)

11 – Brady Herdman (Nth Bgo)

11 – Matthew Pollock (LG)

10 – Ryan Hon (Colbo)

9 – Gavin Bowles (WH)

9 – Liam Main (LBU)

9 – Harry Whittle (Huntly)

8 – Meyrick Buchanan (LBU)

8 – Damien Carmody (Colbo)

8 – Aarryn Craig (Nth Bgo)

8 – Jacob Greenwood (Huntly)

8 – Nick Knight (Colbo)

8 – Pat O’Brien (Colbo)

8 – Sam Vale (Colbo)

8 – Hayden Wright (WH)

7 – Sean Christopher (WH)

7 – Ryley Dickens (WH)

7 – Rhys Ford (Nth Bgo)

7 – Cameron Hall (Colbo)

7 – James Harney (El)

7 - Tim Lincoln (LG)

9.18pm: Three rounds remaining in the Cheatley Medal and North Bendigo midfielder Jarrod Findlay holds a three-vote lead.

15 – Jarrod Findlay (NB)

12 – Joel Helman (NB)

11 – Brady Herdman (NB)

11 – Matthew Pollock (LG)

11 – Matthew Perri (LG)

10 – Ryan Hon (Colbo)

9 – Liam Main (LBU)

8 – Ryan Semmel (Hun)

8 – Tyson Findlay (NB)

8 – Nick Knight (Colbo)

8 – Jacob Greenwood (Hun)

8 – Meyrick Buchanan (LBU)

8 – Sam Vale (Colbo)

7 – Matthew Ladson (LG)

9.10pm:  Halfway through the Cheatley Medal and the North Bendigo Bulldogs are 1, 2, 3.

Brady Herdman leads, but the key forward misses a fair bit of footy in the second half of the season.

11 – Brady Herdman (NB)

8 – Jarrod Findlay (NB)

8 – Tyson Findlay (NB)

7 – Nick Knight (Col)

6 – Gavin Bowles (WH)

6 – Sam Vale (Col)

6 -  Matt Pollock (LG)

6 – Ryan Semmel (Hun)

9pm: Cheatley Medal time for the senior footy.

If our poll earlier in the night is anything to go by then we’re in for a close one.

Brett Strange is a slight favourite from Ryan Semmel.

North Bendigo ruckman Brett Strange.

North Bendigo ruckman Brett Strange.

8.58pm:  Colbinabbin defender Brydie Lawford has continued the Grasshoppers’ dominance of the Heathcote District A grade netball season by winning the league medal.

Lawford polled 31 votes on Wednesday night to win the medal for a home and away season in which the Grasshoppers went through undefeated.

Brydie Lawford

Brydie Lawford

Colbinabbin players have now won four of the past six A grade league medals, with Lawford’s success following recent triumphs by Olivia McEvoy (2012 and 2013) and coach Liz Cobbledick (2016).

In a remarkably consistent season, Lawford was awarded votes in 12 of the Grasshoppers’ 16 games, including eight best-on-courts.

At one stage Lawford collected all 12 available votes between rounds five and eight.

Lawford finished eight votes clear of White Hills’ Anna-Grace Close (23), while Leitchville-Gunbower’s 2014 winner, Jodie Lake (19), was third.

A-grade netball leaderboard:

31 – Brydie Lawford (Colbo)

23 – Anna-Grace Close (WH)

19 – Jodie Lake (LG)

18 – Ash Jenkyn (Hunt)

18 – Rebecca Eade (LBU)

15 – Paige Randall (LBU)

15 – Chantal O’Brien (Mt P)

14 – Kym Bell (Hunt)

14 – Lauren Bowles (WH)

13 – Liz Cobbledick (Colbo)

12 – Tanya O’Halloran (Hc)

11 – Jordyn Holman (LG)

9 – Louise Dupuy (Colbo)

8 – Kim Hanna (LG)

8 – Sarah Eade (LBU)

8 – Jayne Norton (Mt P)

8 – Alyssa Cole (WH)

7 – Carly Demeo (El)

7 – Bridgette McDougall (NB)

7 – Samantha McDougall (NB)

8.46pm: Leitchville’s Jodie Lake leads the A-grade netball vote count after nine rounds.

Lake polled four threes and two twos in the first half of the season.

Leaderboard after round nine of the A-grade netball award:

16 – Jodie Lake (LG)

14 – Brydie Lawford (Colbo)

11 – Anna-Grace Close (WH)

10 – Rebecca Eade (LBU)

9 – Chantal O’Brien (Mt P)

9 – Ash Jenkyn (Huntly)

8 – Liz Cobbledick (Colbo)

8 – Paige Randall (LBU)

8.37pm: Earlier tonight we asked you for your A-grade netball tips and the favourite from our poll was Colbo’s Liz Cobbledick, who is going for back-to-back wins.

REIGNING CHAMPS: Liz Cobbledick and Ryan Semmel.

REIGNING CHAMPS: Liz Cobbledick and Ryan Semmel.

8.36pm: Next up is the A-grade netball. 

8.35pm: Three netball awards in a row for the White Hills Demons after Sarah Nash polled six votes in the final two rounds to win the A-reserve netball award on 22 votes.

White Hills players have won the A-reserve, B-grade and B-reserve medals.

A-reserve final leaderboard:

22 – Sarah Nash (WH)

19 – Sophie Alford (NB)

17 – Gemma Angove (LG)

15 – Meg Bennett (Colbo)

15 – Bronte Deary (WH)

14 – Natalie Gould (Colbo)

14 – Hannah Tilburn (NB)

13 – Tegan Sharp (Hc)

13 – Rosie Close (WH)

11 – Lily Wareham (Hunt)

11 – Katie Pollock (LG)

10 – Alex Waterman (Huntly)

10 – Rhian Moresi (WH)

8.28pm: Halfway mark of the A-reserve netball and we could be looking at a third White Hills winner for the night:

13 – Bronte Deary (WH)

12 – Tegan Sharp (Hc)

11 – Meg Bennett (Colbo)

10- Sarah Nash (WH)

8 – Gemma Angove (LG)

8.23pm: The Cheatley Medal in the senior footy will be the final award of the night.

Who is your tip for the big one?

Adam Bourke’s tip is Ryan Semmel. Luke West’s kiss of death is on Brett Strange, while Kieran Iles has selected Jarrod Findlay.

8.21pm: It’s all over in the reserves – Huntly’s Taylor Smart wins the Tom Morgan Medal.

Smart amassed 32 votes, including six best-on-grounds, to win by 15 from Leitchville-Gunbower’s Hayden Harmer.

The medal was the first to be awarded since the passing of Tom Morgan, who died last month aged 87.

Final leaderboard:

32 – Taylor Smart (Hunt)

17 – Hayden Harmer (LG)

15 – Jasper Ibbeson-Coatsworth (WH)

14 – Brayden Stepien (Hunt)

11 – Oliver O’Shea (LG)

10 – Ryan Gow (Nth Bgo)

10 – Jesse O’Connell (Mt P)

9 – Jack Lunghusen (LG)

9 – Darcy Taylor (Colbo)

9 – Ricky Welch (Colbo)

8 – Alex Van Ruiswyk (Colbo)

7 – Jordan Formosa (Heath)

7 – Matthew Frecker (WH)

7 – Brayden Oates (Nth Bgo)

6 – Cooper Gaylor (Nth Bgo)

6 – Nick Lovell (WH)

6 – Tom Metherell (Nth Bgo)

6 – Shane Murdoch (Colbo)

6 – Brodie Thomson (Nth Bgo)

8.15pm: Halfway mark of the Tom Morgan Medal and the Huntly boys are leading the charge.

Taylor Smart leads the way with 14 votes, while his team-mate Brayden Stepien is on 12.

Jasper Ibbeson-Coatsworth from White Hills is on 9 and LG’s Oliver O’Shea is on eight.

8.09pm: Next up is the Tom Morgan Medal in the reserves footy.

Huntly’s Brayden Stepien told the Addy today that he’s a certainty to win. 

8.08pm: Another netball award for the White Hills’ Demons.

Jessica Sawyer has stormed home like Kiwi in the 1983 Melbourne Cup.

The White Hills player trailed Megan Fuller by seven votes after eight rounds.

However, Sawyer was judged best on court six times between rounds nine and 17 and she flew home to defeat Fuller, who led basically all night, by three votes.

B-grade final leaderboard:

24 – Jessica Sawyer (WH)

21 – Megan Fuller (Colbo)

20 – Kristy Fennell (NB)

19 – Tallula Galea (Hc)

15 – Renee Hipwell (LG)

15 – Eloise Gibbs (WH)

11 – Carmen Dye (LG)

11 – Lisa Argus (WH)

10 – Gaby Sidhu (NB)

10 – Alana Prime (WH)

8pm: The B-grade netball count is well underway.

Colbo’s Megan Fuller looks hard to beat at the halfway mark.

Fuller has polled 13 votes after nine rounds.

Equal second are Leitchville’s Carmen Dye on 11 and Heathcote’s Tallula Galea on 11

7.55pm: The A-grade netball count later in the night should be a cracker.

Let us know who you think will win through our poll.

7.54pm: Congratulations to White Hills’ Jodie Symes after she took out the B-reserve netball best and fairest.

Symes dominated the count to win by nine votes from team-mate Marnie Ross and North Bendigo’s Nakita Landry.

B-reserve final leaderboard:

26 - Jodi Symes (WH)

17 – Nakita Landry (NB)

17 – Marnie Ross (WH)

16 – Megan Leask (Colbo)

16 – Steffi Hawker (Mt P)

14 – Kiara Cowling (Hunt)

12 – Melissa Haines (LBU)

11 – Georgia White (Mt P)

9 – Anna Kane (Huny)

9 – Rebecca Bingham (WH)

9 – Billie Hoiles (WH)

7.48pm: Halfway through the B-reserve netball and White Hills’ Jodie Symes leads on 13 votes from  Mounts’ Steffi Hawker on 12. North Bendigo’s Nakita Landry is on 10.

7.42pm: North Bendigo’s Manny Thalasinos has won the David Roulston for best and fairest in the 17-and-under football.

Thalasinos polled 14 votes in the final five rounds to reel in early leader Bailey Boyack.

Final leaderboard for 17-and-under football:

30 – Manny Thalasinos (NB)

22 – Bailey Boyack (Elm)

20 – Will Presnell (LBU)

20 – Sam Welch (Mt P)

19 – Hugh Hamilton (Colbo)

19 – Seamus Henderson (El)

19 – Lincoln Sieben (LG)

18 – Charles Hinks (LBU)

17 – Tyron Sinclair (LBU)

16 – Jack Bourke (NB)

15 – Ben Bickley (Mt P)

11 – Jye Formosa (Hc)

10 – Wade Brown (Colbo)

10 – Flynn Pianta-Cook (Hc)

8 – Toby Duncan (LBU)

7 – Mitch Cricelli (El)

7 – Patrick Hansford (Hunt)

7 – Mitch McEwen (LG)

6 – Zack Holmberg (El)

6 – Jordan Marcroft (Hc)

7.37pm: Halfway mark of the 17-and-under football and the leaders are:

17 – Bailey Boyack (El)

14 – Manny Thalasinos (NB)

12 – Sam Welch (Mt P)

11 – Seamus Henderson (El)

7.33pm: 17-and-under football up next. Will Presnell from LBU is our tip to win.

7.32pm: Brereton was judged best on court in seven of the Bombers’ first nine games.

Ryan polled three votes seven times for the season.

7.30pm: Wow – what a performance by Leitchville-Gunbower’s Macey Brereton.

Brereton polled 31 votes to win the 17-and-under netball by three votes from Colbo’s Mardi Ryan.

Ryan’s 28 votes would win the award most years.

17-and-under final leaderboard:

31 - Macey Brereton (LG)

28 – Mardi Ryan (Colbo)

20 – Paris Bickley (Mt P)

19 – Harper Pearson (Colbo)

19 – Shanae Haw (LG)

16 – Abbey Hromenko (El)

15 – Livia Rosaia (El)

15 – Maeve Tupper (Mt P)

14 – Amee Hardess (LBU)

14 – Jemma McNair (LBU)

13 – Maddison Hooke (Hunt)

7.25pm: Halfway through the 17-and-under netball vote count and Leitchville-Gunbower’s Macey Brereton has a mortgage on the medal.

Brereton has 23 votes – nine clear of Colbo’s Mardi Ryan.

7.21pm: Next up is the 17-and-under netball.

7.20pm: Sparkes polled in 13 games, including eight best on court votes.

7.20pm: Congratulations to Elmore’s Regan Sparkes on her victory in the 15-and-under netball.

15-and-under final leaderboard:

30 – Regan Sparkes (El)

25 – Ella Roulston (LBU)

21 – Cayde Hayes (El)

21 – Zoe McClusky (Mt P)

19 – Makenzie Brown (Hc)

18 – Madison Osborn (WH)

17 – Ella Kerlin (Colbo)

16 – Liz Ingram (Colbo)

16 – Abby-Rose Mannes (Mt P)

16 – Hope Mitchell (WH)

15 – Dominqiue Palmer (Colbo)

14 – Zara Myers (Colbo)

13 – Georgina Byrne (LBU)

7.15pm: First award of the night is the 15-and-under netball.

7.10pm: Hi folks, welcome to our live blog of the HDFNL vote count.

While you’re waiting for the first award to be announced, check out our bumper best of 2017 photo gallery.