Children hammer home conservation efforts in Huntly and Epsom

As Huntly and Epsom’s boundaries spread local children and community groups have teamed up to help save animals struggling to find shelter.

Bendigo Northern Landcare Group secretary Nicole Howie said sugar gliders, parrots and possums were under increased threat in Huntly and Epsom from diminishing habitat, increased traffic and domesticated animals.

She was a staff member at Huntly Kindergarten and said every week children visited a patch of forest where animals were competing for space.

“We watch different species fighting for hollows all the time. There’s more creatures than hollows, put it that way,” Ms Howie said.

Earlier this month Huntly-based kinder and school children assembled 60 nest boxes that had been pre-cut by Bendigo Men’s Shed volunteers.

It was part of a project started by Huntly Kindergarten and the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group.

Kyen Burrill-Grinton, Ned Wilkinson and Judd Gilchrist. Picture: NONI HYETT

Kyen Burrill-Grinton, Ned Wilkinson and Judd Gilchrist. Picture: NONI HYETT

“This is a wonderful opportunity to involve students in conservation efforts and be intimately involved in solving real life problems with practical solutions,” Ms Howie said.

“By partnering with the various students under the supervision of the Men’s Shed volunteers, the local children are learning how we can all work together to make a difference.”

Landcare group recognised for community work

The project was one of a number that helped vault the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group into a finalist position at the recently announced Victorian Landcare Awards.

It was not the only award in which the group had made a mark this year. the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group was also a semi-finalist in the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

That nomination came for a range of works including the Bendigo Creek restoration project, which saw weed control, revegetation, monitoring and community field days raising awareness of a reserve between Epsom and Huntly.

Winners of the Victorian Urban Landcare Award will be announced on Friday 1 September at Government House Melbourne and winners of the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Award will be announced at the Flemington Event Centre on Friday 13 October.

People could express their interest in installing a nest box when a community information session met at the Huntly Fire Station on Sunday September 10 between 2pm and 3:30pm.