Dance competition revives memories | Photos

FOUR years ago, dancers Berkley Wood and Sam Brown made an impression at the Mayoral Glass Slipper Ball in Bendigo.

Margaret O’Rourke, now the city’s mayor, was among those who attended. 

On Saturday, she had the opportunity to see the duo dance anew during the ADS Bendigo DanceSport Classic.

Wood and Brown’s talents were recognised in several of the events during the competition, which saw them leave with a number of medals.

They were also presented with the trophy for the overall youth rising star award.

Wood and Brown have their sights set on the Australian DanceSport Championship in December, where they last year became champions in their age bracket and grade. 

The Bendigo DanceSport Classic, at Bendigo Stadium, featured 185 categories and attracted hundreds of competitors.

It had the backing of the City of Greater Bendigo and Bendigo Tourism, and sponsorship from organisations such as Bendigo Health.