LVFNL: Knight reigns, netballers tie for medal

Calivil United's Ben Knight.
Calivil United's Ben Knight.

A drought-breaking medal win for Calivil United and a tie in the A-grade netball were the highlights of Monday night’s LVFNL vote count.

Ben Knight became the first Calivil United player to win the Harding Medal in 20 years.

The star midfielder polled 25 votes to edge out Newbridge’s Jordan Gilboy on 23 and Calivil team-mate Chris Down on 22.

Andrew Wild was the last man to win the medal for the Demons in 1997.

Knight polled in 11 matches for the minor premier Demons, including six best on grounds.

The sixth of his best on grounds came in round 17 against Bears-Lagoon Serpentine and it gave him a five-vote buffer with one round remaining.

In the final round, Gilboy polled three votes and Down two votes to close the gap.

Reigning Harding Medal winner Zeb Broadbent finished equal fourth on 18 votes alongside Mitiamo’s Jarryd Wiegard and Calivil key forward Bryce Curnow.

In A-grade netball, Bridgewater centre Stacey Rothacker and Newbridge defender Megan Jennings tied for the Helen Ward Medal with 22 votes.

They were one vote clear of Mitiamo goal attack Laura Hicks, with Newbridge’s Jane Reid one vote further back in fourth place.

Newbridge's Megan Jennings.

Newbridge's Megan Jennings.

Rothacker had 22 votes to her name by round 16 and the faced a nervous wait for the final two rounds.

Jennings polled three votes in round 17 to draw level and Hicks also polled three votes to be just one vote behind.

None of the top three polled in the final round and Rothacker and Jennings were declared joint winners.

Bridgewater's Stacey Rothacker.

Bridgewater's Stacey Rothacker.

LVFNL leaderboards


Frank Harding Medal – 25 Ben Knight (Calivil United); 23 Jordan Gilboy (Newbridge); 22 Chris Down (Calivil United); 18 Zeb Broadbent (Bridgewater), Bryce Curnow (Calivil United), Jarryd Wiegard (Mitiamo); 15 Harry Gadsden (BL-Serpentine); 11 Brad Comer (Newbridge), Billy Micevski (Pyramid Hill); 10 Tom Broadbent (Bridgewater); 9 Nick Arthur (BL-Serpentine), Gavin James (Pyramid Hill); 8 Justin Bateson (Marong), Aaron McKean (Mitiamo); 7 Andrew Gladman (BL-Serpentine), Nathan Twigg (BL-Serpentine).

John Forbes Medal (reserves) – 17 Jack Smith (Inglewood); 15 Brian Westley (Bridgewater); 13 Adam Williams (Bridgewater); 11 Walter Miller (Calivil United); 10 Danny Childs (Bridgewater), Jayden Hocking (Mitiamo), Grant Holdsowrth (Calivil United), Josh Hutton (BL-Serpentine), Nathan Twigg (Mitiamo); 9 Jesse Coe (Inglewood); 8 Glenn Hay (Mitiamo), Caleb Smith (Calivil United), Tom Stagg (Inglewood).

Stephen Dowling Memorial (under-18s) – 23 Nick Leach (Inglewood); 21 Tyler James (MCYCW); 19 Adam Dwyer (Pyramid Hill); 16 Hugh Calder (BL-Serpentine); 14 Will Gadsden (Marong), Fraser Millar (Marong); 13 Tom McKinley (Bridgewater); 11 Jake Hilson (Pyramid Hill); 10 Cody Wright (MGYCW); 9 James Naughton (Bridgewater), Brayden Riddell (MGYCW),  Lachie Watson (Calivil United).


Helen Ward Medal – 22 Stacey Rothacker (Bridgewater), Megan Jennings (Newbridge); 21 Laura Hicks (Mitiamo); 20 Jane Reid (Newbridge); 19 Tahnee Cannon (Mitiamo); 17 Gemma Scott (Pyramid Hill); 16 Kate Burton (Pyramid Hill); 15 Olivia Treloar (Bridgewater), Amy Jackman (Newbridge); 14 Leisa Barry (MGYCW), Zoe Kennedy (Pyramid Hill); 13 Renee Sheridan (MGYCW), Julia Twigg (Mitiamo); 12 Meg Allen (Bridgewater); 11 Sarah Perry (BL-Serpentine), Teigan Redwood (Calivil United); 10 Emma Brooks (BL-Serpentine), Jessica Holdstock (Pyramid Hill).

Joy Lawry Medal (B-grade) – 26 Kym Childs (Bridgewater); 19 Christie Griffiths (MGYCW); 18 Carolyn Wood (Bridgewater); 15 Maddyson Combridge (MGYCW), Laura Treloar (MGYCW), Lauren Knight (Newbridge); 14 Lauren Lloyd (Inglewood), Danielle Wells (Newbridge).

C-grade – 27 Claire Harrison (Bridgewater); 22 Amber Gibson (BL-Serpentine); 19 Jessica Collihole (Newbridge); 17 Breanna Wickham (Bridgewater); 15 Tess Hampson (Pyramid Hill); 14 Taylor Bellesini (Inglewood); 13 Brooke Maierhofler (MGYCW), Paige Borchard (Mitiamo).

C-reserve – 28 Kaitlin Waterson (MGYCW); 16 Abbey Conway (MGYCW), April Anderson (Mitiamo), Chloe Osborne (Mitiamo); 14 Hope Oxley (Bridgewater), Tracie Boldiston (Mitiamo), Gemma Cleeland (Newbridge); 13 Emma Webb (Bridgewater), Adelle Smith (Calivil United), Chelsea Beer (Newbridge).

17-and-under – 26 Jessica Demeo (Calivil United), Jasmine Condliffe (Mitiamo); 25 Breana Merrin (Bridgewater); 20 Shelby Webster (Newbridge); 19 Avril Price (Bridgewater), Jessie Cliff (MGYCW); 15 Tess Keating (MGYCW); 14 Macey Martin (Inglewood).

15-and-under – 30 Ashlee Bowen (Bridgewater); 26 Alicia Hay (Mitiamo); 25 Rylee Gallagher (Calivil United); 21 Tiarni Baxter (MGYCW); 18 Mia Peters (Bridgewater); 16 Holly Martin (Inglewood); 15 Ellie Donnellon (MGYCW), Jemma Gordon (Newbridge), Amy Murfitt (Pyramid Hill).