Blockage causes sewage to overflow into Spring Gully creek

Coliban Water has spent the past week cleaning and disinfecting Back Creek in Spring Gully after a sewer manhole in Retreat Road overflowed, spilling effluent into the waterway.

A Coliban spokesman said the overflow occurred last Thursday, caused by a blockage of wet wipes and rags in the sewer main and entered the creek before the flow was stopped with sandbags.

The Environment Protection Authority has since inspected the site and signs have been erected along the creek warning members of the public to avoid the water.

The Coliban spokesman said recent rainfall had heavily diluted the spill with storm water and the signs would be removed next week.

He reminded customers that flushing wet wipes down the toilet contributed to sewer blockages and that only the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper – should be flushed.