Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Pool name disappointing

It is disappointing that council would not endorse the naming of the new aquatic centre at Kangaroo Flat after  our famous citizen Faith Leech.

Faith is mostly remembered for being an Olympic gold medallist but she had many more qualities.

She was a highly successful business woman running Leech's Jewellery shop in the Hargreaves mall.

In her leisure time she coached hundreds of young swimmers at the Bendigo Swimming Club. She assisted young people with disabilities by teaching them aquatic sports.

She was the first woman to be admitted to the Bendigo Spor Star Hall of Fame and the Inspiration Award is named in her honour.

Surely this wonderful lady deserves to be recognised by all Bendigonians by calling it the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre.

Robert Cook, Bendigo

Call for leadership

Notwithstanding the pending High Court challenge to the legitimacy of the Turnbull Government’s postal “survey” on marriage equality, it is fantastic to see momentum for a “yes” vote building.

From my workplace, to my local shops and community, the positive feedback and feeling is very encouraging.

This $122 million survey is wrong.

Wrong because basic human rights ought never be determined by popular vote, because an indifferent or ill-informed majority should not vote away the rights of a minority.

Wrong because no respectful or responsible government should be in the business of encouraging public discourse which is forseeably likely to include the abuse and vilification of vulnerable people and their families.

Ironically, all of this wrongness makes an emphatic “yes” vote vitally important.

In the wake of the complete failure of the Turnbull Government, we need courageous leadership.

If ever there was a time for the City of Greater Bendigo to fly the Rainbow Flag, it is now.

Michelle Goldsmith, Eaglehawk

Push for no vote 

Believe it or not there is another side to the marriage debate. Not that you would think so from reading the Bendigo Advertiser today (August 16).

This is more a referendum about basic human rights. Same sex or multi-gender marriage is not a human right.

For a child to be raised by its biological mother and father is a human right under the UN Charter; so too is the right to freedom of religion, speech and conscience.

These rights would be completely disregarded if the Marriage Act is changed to allow same sex or people identifying as queer fluid to marry.

The point you made in today’s editorial about those who oppose same sex or gender diverse marriage being entitled to live their lives as they choose is not valid.

All sorts of restrictions on speech and behaviour would follow; as it has already in Australia limited free speech.

There are no legal protections for those who only recognise marriage as it always has been i.e. One man and one woman.

Same sex couples already have the same financial equality as any other couple; so to suggest otherwise is dishonest.

It’s also dishonest to suggest that same sex attracted or gender diverse people cannot love whoever they like.

What is not fair is the one sided coverage by certain sections of the media – the Bendigo Advertiser being the worst I‘ve seen.

We will have this debate, because the consequences of changing the Marriage Act – to suit a small percentage of the population – are far too drastic to ignore. So I would urge people to vote No.

Brendan Keogh, Eaglehawk