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Support for breastfeeding in public

I am writing this letter not just for my university project, but because I am strongly for the freedom to breastfeed anywhere without feeling ashamed or judged. 

For our project we had to choose a topic and research a current challenge to freedom in Australia.

As myself and another group member are mothers who have/still are breastfeeding, we thought it was a a sign to talk/campaign to this topic.

Whilst discussing ideas for our campaign, we thought of writing a letter to our local newspaper so some people may become aware or show interest in the topic. 

We wish that women may have the freedom of breastfeeding in public without dirty looks, rude remarks, etc. 

An idea I thought of would be if businesses would possibly put a breastfeeding welcome sign in front of their shops so we may feel confident enough to enjoy going out and also feeding our children.

Our breasts are for an important purpose, this is, to provide our children with the best our bodies create and offer just for them.

We would like our breasts not to be sexualised and as just some objects associated with sexual pleasure.

Our group hopes to change the view on our freedom to breastfeed and to understand that this is a mothers choice to do so.

Sarah Cemino, Harcourt

Call for Olympian’s name

I have just heard via the local TV news, that the Bendigo City Council put forward the idea of an Aboriginal naming for the new Kangaroo Flat swimming pool.

This is unacceptable and now makes me doubt the partiality of our current council. This is not a race issue and should not be.

The Faith Leech option should be the only option. Thank You.

Ron Vaitkus, Long Gully 

Group advocates for Faith Leech name

The decision to construct  the new pool and well-being centre at Kangaroo Flat has been consistently driven by council, to its credit, in engaging in widespread community consultation.

This has been combined with a community  focus group established by council, which has been providing valuable input.

At the most recent meeting of the focus group in June, 2017, there was a significant majority which supported naming the facility as the Faith Leech Pool and Wellbeing Centre as a symbol of the role of a famous sportswoman in our community.

Absolutely we should recognise the importance of the Dja Dja Wurrung presence but I consider there is overwhelming support in the community to name the centre after Faith Leech – a pioneer and inspiration to many generations of Bendigo sportswomen.

Why not as an alternative, name  the surrounding precinct using the Aboriginal name but name the centre after Faith Leech?

I urge councillors  to undertake an on line survey  to gauge the level of support for the future naming options before making a decision.

In particular, as the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise  which speaks for many in the communities has unanimously advocated for the centre to be named the Faith Leech Pool and Wellbeing Centre and such a recommendation  makes good practical sense

Geoff Bowyer, Kangaroo Flat

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