Shakespeare quote haunts local writer

A famous Shakespearean line has haunted Castlemaine writer and director Sue Ingleton.

“Frailty, thy name is woman!” is the line spoken by Hamlet when he speaks out against his mother’s swift marriage to his uncle.

The line stuck with Ingleton who eventually incorporated it into a play she was writing.

“I started writing it about 10 years ago but it has been gnawing at my brain for so long,” she said.

Frailty has featured at the La Mama Theatre in Carlton, was shown in Castlemaine and will play at the Engine Room in Bendigo from August 16 to 20.

It follows two women with little in common but who are drawn together through a literature class and each have to write an essay on Hamlet.

“I love writing plays for women in 50s. There are a lot of brilliant actresses around but not much work around for them,” Ingleton said. 

“It’s a play for people who want to look at Hamlet again but if you’re not familiar with it, you can learn along with these two women.”