Good Samaritan hands in cash to police

A Bendigo man has been reunited with his lost savings after misplacing thousands of dollars of cash on Tuesday.

Police said the man withdraw the money from the bank on Tuesday afternoon and placed it in an envelope.

Sometime later, and unbeknownst to the man, it fell from his pocket and on to Queen Street, where cars proceeded to run over it.

A Good Samaritan noticed the envelope and, thinking it might have been someone’s important documents, collected it from the road.

Bendigo police said the man was surprised to find thousands of dollars of cash inside, and promptly took it to the Bendigo Police Station.

A short time later, the owner of the cash also visited the station and was delighted to find someone had handed his savings in, thinking he had lost it all.

Bendigo police said not only was it great to see the man had handed the cash in, but the event should serve as a reminder for people to take extreme care when dealing with large amounts of money.