Drink-drivers caught more than three times limit

Two drink-drivers with blood alcohol concentrations more than three times the legal limit have been caught by police overnight.

The highest reading was from a 53-year-old Kerang man, who blew 0.190 after crashing into a parked car.

Swan Hill Sergeant Roberta Barry said the man reversed into the car in a residential street in Kerang, and then drove off.

Police were then called and caught up with the man at his home two blocks away in Victoria Street about 2am.

The man was breath-tested at his house, before accompanying police back to the station.

Sergeant Barry said his licence was seized and he would be summonsed to court.

”It’s just disappointing to find again people still drive with that amount of alcohol in their system,” she said.

The night before, a 48-year-old Talbot man was picked up by Maryborough police at 8.20pm in Macaulay Street.

He blew 0.158 and as a result, his license was immediately suspended and he will be summonsed to court.

It follows another drink-driver caught on Tuesday night by police in Park Road, Maryborough.

The 27-year-old Maryborough man was issued a penalty notice after blowing 0.076 at 5.17pm. His licence will also be cancelled for six months. 

Maryborough Sergeant Travis Dole said police were actively targeting drink-drivers and unroadworthy vehicles as part of Operation Millet.

“If people are going to drink, then don’t drive a motor vehicle,” he said. “Look for another mode of transport.”