Central Victorian man commits abuse against girlfriend, threatens to kill ex-wife, attacks police officers and parents

A CENTRAL Victoria man who threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend, their unborn baby and his ex-wife has been jailed for 21 months.

The man also assaulted his mother and stepfather, attacked four police officers with a steel pole and fled while on bail facing trial in Bendigo.

The 40-year-old, who has not been named to protect the victims’ identity, was sentenced in the County Court in Bendigo on Wednesday on charges of making threats to kill, false imprisonment and recklessly causing injury.

The court heard the man entered a rage when his then-girlfriend questioned his alcohol consumption after a gathering at their house in December, 2013.

He punched her in the face before calling his ex-wife, who told him he would not be able to see their children until he got himself under control.

The next morning, he demanded money from his mother who lived in a nearby town. He made his girlfriend drive to the house.

During the drive, the man threatened to force his girlfriend to kill and eat their unborn child. He said he would kill her afterwards.

The woman ran into the man’s mother’s house when they arrived, and his mother came outside to confront him.

He told her he was planning on driving interstate to kill his ex-wife and take their children. He said he would kill his mother first, and lifted her from the ground by her throat.

His stepfather tried to stop him from entering their house, so he grabbed him by the throat as well.

He made his girlfriend drive him back home afterwards and stopped her from calling police. The man threatened self harm when they arrived home.

The man’s stepfather called police, who arrived to find the man armed with a steel picket which he started to swing wildly at officers. He also threw a car radiator at them.

Police used OC spray to subdue him, but he continued to lash out and kick officers as they put him in the divisional van.

During the police interview, the man said his girlfriend attacked him with a knife first, but there was no evidence.

While on bail awaiting trial in 2014, the man fled the Bendigo area and was not re-arrested until March this year when he allegedly committed more acts of family violence.

Judge Susan Cohen said the man’s actions caused lasting harm to his family members, and alcohol was no excuse.

“All of these events reflect a shameful display of uncontrolled rage by you,” she said.

“You were willing to use the fact (your girlfriend) was pregnant to press home the added vulnerability to that threat.

“Even later that day in your record of interview you were prepared to blame others.”

He was convicted and sentenced to 21 months jail, with a non-parole period of 15 months. He has already served 362 days in custody.