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FAIL: Letter-writer Ivan Kitt says there is no reason why a state government scheme to improve the health of principals should not be extended to all teachers.

FAIL: Letter-writer Ivan Kitt says there is no reason why a state government scheme to improve the health of principals should not be extended to all teachers.

Scheme does not add up

Medical examinations should also be for teachers who also suffer the same symptoms as a principal.

Victorian Principals Association president Anne-Maree Kliman states that principals  have excessive workloads, red tape,and vexatious and abusive parents are making principals sick.

Well, spare a thought for teaching staff, they to are subjected to all this plus abusive students and a lot of this is coming from incompetent principals and vice-principals.

Teachers have been saddled with a lot of red tape ticking boxes jumping through hoops, maintaining their equipment, preparing class materials, lesson plans, compiling reports of students activities and parent teacher interviews.

Australian Principals Federation president Julie Podbury says they are working at least 60 hours a week and expected to do more.

Well, some principals are expecting their staff to do more and as one principal commented, they get the big bucks to make these decisions.

What is the Australian Education Union doing in seeing that teachers get the same respect? From what I can see or hear, nothing. Teachers in this area at the moment haven't got a union organiser since the retirement of the area representative of the AEU.

Education Minister James Merlino says the government has a responsibility to look after the health and well-being of the principals and this improved outcomes for students is complete fabrication of reality.

Why isn't the government offering the same deal to teachers? They are the ones who provide the better outcomes for students, not the principals or vice-principals.

Once again we see a half-baked idea being implemented without all participants being involved. If the government is serious about the well-being of staff and students, then see that all staff are treated equally and fairly.

Ivan Kitt, Bendigo

Equality push not helping

We claim to live in a society that believes in the right of the individual to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves, providing that those decisions do not have an adverse impact on others or break the law. Then surely a collective of individuals should also to be free to make decisions/rules that apply to them, do not have an adverse impact on others, are legal, and are fully funded by the members receiving no public funds.

I fail to understand why anyone would wish to join a private club or organisation they despise because its membership is limited according to rules that have been drawn up by those who formed the club and accepted by its members. Is trying to force certain private clubs to adhere to other people views just the thin edge of the wedge?

Can we expect certain groups start to impose their views on other groups or individuals demanding that they behave as they do, telling us what book or papers to read, or that we no longer live in a democracy?

This relentless and indiscernible tactic of forcing people to show support something against their will has been tested in the UK. A group of National Trust volunteers were told that they had to wear symbols supporting the LGBTI community and its policies, or volunteer elsewhere.

Thankfully, a national outrage forced the trust to change its mind and volunteers were informed that they were free to make a decision to wear the symbols or not according to their own conscience and views. We already have professional protesters, now it seems we have a group who feel the need to be “professionally offended” whether something offends them personally or not.

Can we not just return to a simpler way where we respect everyone’s right to live and act as they see fit as long as they do not impose their views or lifestyle on anyone else? Removing one form of needless discrimination and replacing it with others disguised under the misused term equality will do nothing to improve our society.

David Arscott, Kangaroo Flat


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