Radio host Jon Vertigan channels race caller for Parenting the Teenagers Maiden video

Jon Vertigan. Picture: The Morning Rush/ Facebook
Jon Vertigan. Picture: The Morning Rush/ Facebook

THIS is the race call every parent lives through daily.

The Morning Rush radio host Jon Vertigan features in a hilarious video where he commentates a race using common conversation points with teenagers.

The Parenting the Teenagers Maiden features great shout-outs like “Have you done your homework?” and “Don’t slam that door”.

Watch the video in all its glory here:

The footage also includes classic teenage lines, including “Can I have $20?” and “All my friends are allowed!”.

There’s bound to be at least one or two you’ve heard before – or said yourself.

And it’ll make you wonder if Vertigan has been secretly listening to the conversations inside your house all along.

It’s not the first time the radio host’s videos have gone viral.

Vertigan first channelled a race caller to share his experience of organising his family for an Easter camping trip, earlier this year.

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