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Double standards at play?

Councillor Jennifer Alden isn't happy about the Sandhurst Club’s men-only policy.

Fair comment and certainly not an example of equality.

But I wonder what her opinion is regarding the Fernwood Fitness female-only policy, or is equality a 'one-way' street only?

Kraig Krieger, Spring Gully

English skills a must for all new arrivals

I read that Lisa Chesters is digging a trench to lower the bar even further of acceptable standards (“Language bar set too high”, Bendigo Advertiser, July 28).

I absolutely believe anyone coming to our country to live must speak, write and read English. Without exception.

The final paragraph of her letter is so typical of Labor. Complete and utter rubbish.

Peter Lesuey, Kennington

Commissioner owes the country an apology

Gregory Clark (“Truth out the window”, Bendigo Advertiser, July 31) attempts to paint the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees as the one being deceived about the refugees on Manus.  

Not so! In fact, they have failed to back up this bogus claim, and indeed, owe the PM and Australia in general an apology.  

Don't hold your breath.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Where do priorities lie?

Surely dual nationality isn't as big an issue as the foreign sources of political party funding? 

Ruth Harper, Taradale

We don’t deserve this

This parliament has shown us that you can be ignorant, arrogant, dishonest, incompetent, paranoid, stubborn, lazy, unable to understand basic economics or science, cosy with international media moguls, but you cannot devote your time to the needs of your own Australian citizens – or be a dual citizen.

Parliament is the most hypocritical institution in Australia.

They swear to god to uphold the honour of the country, then allegedly deceive and hedge their positions with the end result making them look like dishonest fools – at our expense.

Now we have Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce hiding behind the skirt of Matt Canavan's mother. They go for the jugular of their opponents, then trivialise the "mistake" of one of their own.

Why is Canavan being paid for a position he no longer holds, while the other two were not given the same opportunity?

Canavan's claim that he did not know that his mother signed him up for Italian citizenship 11 years ago holds about as much water as a bottomless bucket, and if the High Court allows him to stay in parliament, then the other two involved should be reinstated, but changing the constitution to accommodate incompetent politicians is not the answer. Surely we have enough laws both in and out of parliament to adequately cover these careless actions, and more to the point, what we need is legislation to make politicians more responsible for any such behavior, as surely they have much more leeway with "mistakes" than the ordinary punter.

Now in true Barnaby Joyce style he has been caught out trivialising the alleged Murray Darling Basin water theft in a pub, once again highlighting that he is unfit for the position of deputy prime minister and water minister.

Australians deserve better than this, as our once great country slides down the gurgler, overseen by incompetent, arrogant, ignorant politicians.

How much more of this can the Australian people take, and just where will we be when this incompetent government is finished trashing the place?

They say that you get the government you deserve, but nobody deserves this lot.   

Ken Price, Eaglehawk


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