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BRIGHT IDEA: Letter-writer Ian Hadden, of Kennington, says Bendigo should look to Port Douglas in Queensland to solve its bat problem.
BRIGHT IDEA: Letter-writer Ian Hadden, of Kennington, says Bendigo should look to Port Douglas in Queensland to solve its bat problem.

Look north for solution to bat problem

It is interesting that Port Douglas has the same problem with messy and noisy bats as Bendigo.

They are going to move them on with bright lighting.

Maybe Bendigo could investigate the same.

Ian Hadden, Kennington

Mats not always welcome at shopping centres

After tripping and nearly falling on a mat at the entrance coming out of a shopping centre a few days ago, it has occurred to me that although they look nice and have “welcome” on them as one enters most shopping and other venues they are very dangerous and certainly most unsafe to the elderly, disabled or anyone using walkers, walking sticks, those in wheelchairs and not forgetting toddlers and parents with prams and vision impaired people.

Yes, they do look nice with the word “welcome” on them as you enter most places, but have a high safety risk and to need be stuck down firmly or made safe so that one can feel safe and not have the fear of falling and apprehensive of going out shopping again.

We all want to feel safe while enjoying our time out, either alone or in the company with others, so if all mats were made secure in all places it would create a much more enjoyable and safer environment for all concerned.​

Lyn Hartland, Bendigo

Free trade deal not in our interest

During the last week we had the embarrassing spectacle of our Prime Minister tugging at the forelock and practically tripping over himself in seeking a speedy trade treaty with Britain.

The PM needs to reread his history books. For over 100 years we have supported Britain, in two world wars and regional conflicts.

How did the British government repay us? In WW2, when we requested help against the threat of invasion, Churchill's promises of military and naval support never materialised.

In 1973, Britain dropped us like a hot potato to join the EEC.

There is no rush to sign a trade treaty with Britain, rather we should be reviewing our treaties with the EU and its 510 million population who may well be prepared to make more attractive arrangements after Britain leaves.

Mr Turnbull needs to follow his own mantra of "Australia first".

Peter Bellamy, Maldon

Abuse just a woman's lot

It is deplorable that there were 243 reports of harassment of Muslims, with women bearing the brunt of Islamophobia over a 15-month period.

However, I suspect that cases of harassment of women in general would number in the millions.

In my teens and 20s, harassment and threats were a daily reality: on the street, on public transport, at work and when I was out with friends and shopping.

I do not recall collaborative reports being made or any media fuss. Age eventually brought relief.

Perhaps the current discussion could be broadened to include everyday harassment of all women.

Vicki Webb, Woodend

Doing the heavy lifting

I am sick of politicians using my (taxpayers') money to fund the upgrading of sporting grounds.

Surely the AFL and Tennis Australia are wealthy enough to fund these things themselves.

Many taxpayers do not go to the football or the tennis but will fund these venues.

I suppose the tickets to enter these venues will be more expensive, too.

Audrey Baillie, Golden Square


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