Sub-zero temperatures break records in Redesdale, Charlton


Central Victorians have shivered through a chilly start to the month with Redesdale recording its lowest July temperature in more than 20 years of records.

The mercury plummeted to -5.6 degrees in Redesdale on Sunday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, making it the coldest July temperature since records began in 1993.

It is also only the second time the area has received temperatures lower than -5 degrees, with the current record -5.8 from September 26, 1997.

Bendigo’s chilliest temperature in two years was on Saturday with -3.5 degrees recorded. The last time the mercury dipped that low was in July 2015 when it got to -3.8 degrees.

But it wasn’t the coldest July morning for Bendigonians, with the temperature plummeting to -5.1 degrees back in July 2002.

Charlton also hit its lowest July temperature in 13 years of records, with Saturday’s -4.3 degrees breaking the previous record of -3.7 on July 22, 2007.