Isolated snow storm hits Bendigo… very isolated | Photos, video

Pictures and video: JONTI HANSEN
Pictures and video: JONTI HANSEN

While most Bendigonians were tucked up in bed when the mercury plunged below zero on Saturday morning, one Strathfieldsaye man had other ideas.

Jonti Hansen got up early to rig up his very own home made snow machine.

The former ski field worker turned his garden hose on just after 7am and transformed his driveway into a winter wonderland for the morning, with some of the powder even lasting well into the afternoon.

“I used to work up in the ski fields for three seasons and had the interest when I was up there and I did a little bit of a snow-making traineeship so I kind of learnt how the system works,” he said.

“It’s literally just like an air compressor with a garden hose essentially.”

The 22-year-old said his small-scale version of the industrial snow makers used in the high country was still producing snow as late as 9am.

“They don’t even get to do it that late into the morning in the ski fields so that shows you how cold it was,” he said.

“I kind of didn’t want to wreck it because it looked so nice, I made a couple of snowballs and just threw them around and had a bit of fun but I think I’ll have to go up soon for the real thing.”