Students set for winter gig

MUSICIANS from the Bendigo Senior Secondary College will showcase their skills on Friday.

The school’s Mid Winter Concert includes a wide variety of genres and band types.

BSSC music coordinator Matt Pankhurst said being able to cater for every type of music style and instrument was a strength.

“We have had huge diversity over the years. This year we have some great guitarists and last year we had a number of vocalists,” he said.

“Previously we have also had strength in brass and woodwind instruments and even bagpipes in other years.

“This concert features an array of soloists and groups as well as the Bendigo Colleges Symphonic Band which has our students but also students from the other schools in Bendigo.”

The Mid Winter Concert will be held at Ulumbarra on Friday from 7.30pm.

“Having the students performing at Uumbarra, which is an integral part of BSSC, is a key experience for students,” Mr Pankhurst said.

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