Autumn firewood collection season nears end

Firewood collectors in central Victoria will have to stock up by the end of the month or wait till September with the autumn season due to close across the state on June 30.

Forest Fire Management Victoria spokesman Peter Kambouris also reminded residents to make sure they only collected wood from open, designated collection areas.

“Forest Fire Management Victoria cannot guarantee firewood will be available at all sites and where available, it will be of varying sizes and quality,” he said.

“Firewood collectors are reminded that it is illegal to sell firewood collected on public land without an appropriate permit or licence or to take more than the allowed amount.”

Under the Forest Act 1958, people who collect firewood outside designated firewood collection areas or a firewood collection season, take more than the maximum allowable amounts or sell firewood they have collected can face on the spot fines of $607, or a maximum penalty in court of one year imprisonment or a $7,583.50 fine or both.

The spring firewood collection season will open on September 1.

To find a designated firewood collection area visit