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Not illegal to seek asylum

Peter Reid (“Settlement beggars belief”, June 16) has been misled by the deliberate lies that have been spread about people seeking asylum. It is not illegal to seek asylum.

Under the UN Refugee Convention (to which Australia is committed), anyone who fears persecution in his homeland is entitled to approach another country to seek protection. Australia has a duty of care to those people it indefinitely detains without charge. The legal case to which Mr Reid refers is based on a claim for compensation for mistreatment and failure in Australia’s duty of care to those detained. The government’s refusal to fight the claims arises from its reluctance to have the full extent of what happens on Manus Island revealed to us.

The Australia that Mr Reid’s and my forebears fought for is a land of freedom and respect for human rights where everyone is given fair treatment.

The government has betrayed these values and we now see the financial, psychological and moral outcomes of this betrayal.

Pat Horan, Sebastian

Bring pokies down south

No doubt there will be strong and well-organised opposition to the proposed 44 electronic gaming machines at White Hills.

Should the bid by Bendigo Stadium fail, they should consider Castlemaine. Whilst Bendigo is well provided for with community club facilities, Castlemaine is crying out for at least one such venue.

Opposition here would also be a certainty but those 1500 of us who signed up in support of the Maryborough Highland Society’s squashed attempt are still here – still wanting, still waiting. And we are much more savvy than we were three years ago.

In addition, our council is of different make-up and there are firm and understandable rules to follow. So, Bendigo Stadium you will be very welcome and well supported in Castlemaine.

Good luck with White Hills.

Ian Braybrook, Castlemaine

Labor ‘doesn’t get’ bounty

The Andrews Labor government’s lack of interest in the wild dog control program looks to have extended to the resoundingly successful fox bounty.

Foxes and wild dogs are a massive blight on Victoria’s landscape, wreaking havoc on livestock and our native fauna alike, yet Labor is turning a blind eye and failing to listen.

The “Premier for Melbourne” just doesn’t get it: the only good fox is a dead fox, and the only thing better is a dead wild dog.

Labor left high country landholders in limbo for two years after axing the wild dog bounty and sacking the Wild Dog Advisory Committee.

While Minister Pulford has given in to pressure from farmers and finally replaced the committee, it’s disappointing that there are less landholder representatives, there are no women, and one of the members has previously criticised wild dog control measures and reportedly described farmers as “extremists”.

Peter Walsh, Shadow Minister for Agriculture

Age-old battle for power

Fight for leadership has been going on since dark ages.

Many leaders have gained power by using national, racial, social or religious issues. Sometimes the personal ambition of individuals is stronger than their dedication to the cause. Or their views may vary to a certain extent. In Australia we have witnessed such disagreements take place within a relatively short period of time.

Hawke versus Hayden, Keating versus Hawke, Costello versus Howard, Gillard versus Rudd, Abbott versus Turnbull and so on.

This is playing into the hands of Opposition, but not keeping it free from the same problems. Stabbing in the back seems to be a common practice in politics.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth


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