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NEW WAY: Letter-writer and Airbnb host Martin Cliff, of Junortoun, says Airbnbs are a threat to motels because they cost less and are more convenient.
NEW WAY: Letter-writer and Airbnb host Martin Cliff, of Junortoun, says Airbnbs are a threat to motels because they cost less and are more convenient.

Airbnb offers alternative

I enjoyed reading the article about Bendigo motel owners concerned about "Airbnb hosts add to local rental woes".

These owners feel that Airbnb operators are reducing affordable rental options for local families.

I started out as an Airbnb operator when a property I owned was vacant for seven weeks with no enquiries on it despite dropping the rent on it twice.

The real estate agent said we were in a "soft market for rentals". That was three years ago and communication with two agents recently said the market is still soft.

According to Mr Wurf, "Bendigo is a university town". I think Bendigo is more than that. We have many diverse economic drivers in Bendigo and attract numerous exhibitions, sporting events and cultural events. Hats off to those people that organise all these events that make Bendigo the place to be. I pay tax on my earnings from Airbnb. It's not hidden and can be easily checked by the ATO, who I believe are targeting Airbnb operators this year.

Haven Home Safe marketing and communications director Sue Masters was quoted as saying that "Short stay accommodation has very little if any impact on the number of people seeking permanent accommodation". So why are motel owners concerned about Airbnb owners? I theorise because they cost less, more convenient, household amenities and more room. For example, let's say on a Friday night in Bendigo for four people you can rent out my property for $200.

This comes with continental breakfasts, fruit, and chocolates, internet and DVDs. It's a three-bedroom property with ensuite on a large block of land. It has a barbecue and an outdoor area. It has a carport and a lockable shed. All crockery, plus the ability to prepare meals. For close to $200 in a motel you will find a single room with a bed configuration of two queen beds or a queen bed and two singles. The facilities will vary. As for reviews, I believe we match up more than favourably against the motels. So I ask why are local motel owners concerned about Airbnb operators? I think the reasons are pretty obvious and it's not about "rental woes".

Martin Cliff, Junortoun

Cut immigration programs

Regarding the letter “Settlement ‘beggars belief'” from Peter Reid (Bendigo Advertiser, June 16), I and I believe many others would support his comments. I too was astounded to hear the announcement, that we as taxpayers are funding illegal immigrants because of other peoples stuff ups.

More is being done for migrants and others that are landing on our shores than what is being done for our own race.

I am not against migrants, but at this point of time when we are facing a lot of problems with housing affordability, health and jobs, I believe it is time to cut all immigration programs until such time that our own people are cared for with the most important things – jobs and housing and education for our children, and a good affordable health system. What politicians have done to this country is beyond belief. They have closed our car manufacturing industry, selling off or leasing our ports, as well as all our commodities – electricity, gas and water – and not supporting our farming industry for the sake of those free trade agreements that sadly are not benefiting the nation.

Former government minister Andrew Robb has departed politics and living off a generous pension at everyone else’s expense after making these poor decisions.

The lucky country we were delivered by the sacrifices made by our predecessors has gone. No longer are you are allowed to speak your mind or give an opinion because it isn't the same view of people in power.

This political correctness is not correct, it's doing our great nation a very big disservice.

All our leaders need to step back out of their protected bubble and just see what is actually happening to this once great nation.

Ivan Kitt, Bendigo


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