Ian Jamieson to serve two life sentences for Wedderburn triple murder after appeal dismissed

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THE Court of Appeal has dismissed a conviction appeal by Wedderburn triple murderer Ian Francis Jamieson, finding his initial guilty plea was not “tainted”.

Jamieson, 66, launched the appeal in the belief that he should have been able to change his plea to not guilty.

He believed he should have been able to run his self-defence argument at trial, claiming his first victim attacked him with a syringe. No evidence of a syringe was found at the crime scene.

Jamieson also claimed he was mentally unfit when he entered his guilty plea and should have been allowed to change it.

In the ruling, the three Court of Appeal judges found it was incorrect that Jamieson was mentally unfit to plea.

“We note this conclusion was consistent with the opinion of Dr Walton, consultant psychiatrist, who saw the applicant on 30 March 2015 and formed the opinion not only that he was a man of normal intelligence who was ‘thoroughly cognitively intact’ but also that there was no issues in relation to his being to be tried,” the ruling reads.

The judges also found there was nothing in the “viable defence” contention that could cast doubt on his plea.

Jamieson was sentenced to life sentenced with 30 years’ non-parole in July last year for the murders of Greg Holmes, 48, his mother Mary Lockhart, 75, and stepfather Peter Lockhart, 78.

The three lived on properties off Wedderburn-Logan Road. Jamieson was their neighbour.

The murders took place on the night of October 22, 2014.