Graffiti covering beloved Bendigo home labelled 'disgusting'

Vandals have targeted a piece of Bendigo history this week, defacing a much-loved building with graffiti. 

The brickwork of Flora Hill house Pleasant Vale, located on the corner of Osborne Street and Retreat Road, was found tagged on Thursday.   

Spray cans and beer cans were also left at the site. 

Neighbour Peter Sheehan said he was disgusted by the act of vandalism.  

“This is an absolute gem,” Mr Sheehan said.

“If we don't do something about it, scream and yell, the kids will be in it and they'll smash it to pieces.”

Once the site of the Bendigo Teachers College, the building is now the property of La Trobe University.  

Bendigo campus head Rob Stephenson said there were several security breaches at the site in recent times and his institution was investigating other measures to keep criminals at bay.   

The incident would be reported to police, Mr Stephenson said. 

He asked people who saw suspicious activity at the site to phone police or campus security on 5444 7428. 

Fences were first erected around the former teachers’ college site in 2014, an effort to ward against vandalism. 

Other empty buildings on the plot were also torn down in response to public safety concerns.  

No immediate plans were in place for the site, Mr Stephenson said, but the location is earmarked for development in the City of Greater Bendigo’s residential strategy.

But Mr Sheehan said the site had already sat idle too long. 

“It’s one of Bendigo’s most historic homes and something should be done with it.”