Brothers’ show filled with sixties nostalgia

CLASSIC SOUNDS: Geoff and Ben Robertson are bringing their Everly Brothers show to The Capital on June 24. Picture: SUPPLIED
CLASSIC SOUNDS: Geoff and Ben Robertson are bringing their Everly Brothers show to The Capital on June 24. Picture: SUPPLIED

American duo The Everly Brothers were regular features on the music charts from the 1950s and 1960s.

Consisting of brothers Don and Phil Everly, the duo had a series of top 10 hits including Wake Up Little Susie, All I Have To Do is Dream, Cathy’s Clown and Bird Dog.

Now a pair of Australian brothers – Geoff and Ben Robertson – are taking people on a trip down memory lane with their tribute show.

It arrives in Bendigo on June 24 and Ben Robertson said the current tour has connected with audiences.

“We are touring right through to December and have new shows being announced soon,” he said.

“We are really looking forward to Bendigo. We were there this time last year and it has a great theatre.”

The Everly Brothers have always been a favourite of the Robertson boys.

“It’s something we have always wanted to do,” Ben said.

“They were one of Mum and Dad’s favourite bands and were always played at home.

“So three years ago, we started it as one off show and it has gone nuts.”

Ben said the Everly Brothers’ music is still popular with the generation who don’t like modern-day music.

“This show is for the people of that time who want hear this music and not Justin Bieber,” he said.

“It is a trip down memory lane. We set show like it is at a drive-in during the 1960s. So it really is somewhere people can go and reminisce.”

The show will also star Scot Robin as Buddy Holly.

Ben said Holly and the Everly Brothers were friends in real-life, making it an easy decision to include Holly’s music in the show.

“They had hits at the same time and were friends in real life, so it made sense,” Ben said.

“They are similar types of music and that’s how all works – as that trip down memory lane for the punters.

“We also have lots of video and memorabilia, plenty of singalongs and dancing which is always fun.”

Ben said there are quite a few songs he loves playing during the show.

“The Everly Brothers had 22 number one songs, so many people say they had forgotten all the songs they played,” he said. 

“I probably enjoy playing All I Have To Do Is Dream and Bye Bye Love but the one that gets a great response is Cathy's Clown.

“The other funny thing is that we don’t get sick signing the songs. We have sung them many times and are still really enjoying it.”

The Robertson Brothers and Scot Robin star in The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly In Concert at The Capital theatre on June 24.

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