On this day | June 20

Historical events

  • 1840 Samuel Morse patents his telegraph
  • 1919 Treaty of Versailles: Germany ends incorporation of Austria
  • 1975 "Jaws", based on the book by Peter Benchley, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Roy Scheider is released
  • 1980 "Blues Brothers" with Dan Akwoyd & John Belushi opens in 594 theaters
  • 2016 Rome elects its first female Mayor Virginia Raggi (Five Star Movement) and its youngest at 37


  • 1949 Lionel Richie, American singer (Commodores, Hello, Penny Lover), born in Tuskegee, Alabama
  • 1952 John Goodman, actor (Dan Conner-Roseanne, Babe), born in St Louis, Missouri
  • 1967 Nicole Kidman, actress (Dead Calm, Far & Away), born in Honolulu, Hawaii