As fog descends on Bendigo region, police remind motorists headlights are compulsory

UNCLEAR: Headlights mandated by law. Picture: MICHELLE CLAYTON
UNCLEAR: Headlights mandated by law. Picture: MICHELLE CLAYTON

As fog descends on central Victoria, one highway patrol officer has reminded drivers they risk paying a steep price if they fail to turn on their headlights. 

Acting Sergeant Peter Dyer yesterday said it was an offence to drive without headlights at night or when road conditions were considered hazardous.

That included during times of fog, he said.

Motorists who failed to follow the law could find themselves slugged with a $233 fine and the loss of one demerit point. 

Despite reduced visibility, the Bendigo policeman said fog-related road incidents were uncommon.

“Most people do the right thing, do slow down and put their lights on,” he said. 

But lights were not the only way drivers could protect themselves in inclement weather.  

“If you cannot see very far, you need to drive slower and more cautious,” the acting sergeant said.

“It's just a case of people behaving responsibly and slowing right down.”