Choirs hit the right notes at eisteddfod

School choirs large and small took to the stage at The Capital theatre on Friday.

The Capital hosted the primary and secondary school choirs section of the Bendigo Competitions Society’s annual eisteddfod with a huge variety of songs performed.

Choirs as small as eight people competed with huge groups of 70 students.

Bendigo Competitions Society music coordinator David Hague said all of the choirs sounded great. 

“There is some great variety from choirs that have just started to some very experienced groups,” he said.

“They were singing a wide range of things including spiritual songs and hymns as well as some modern selections. 

“Some smaller schools only have 15 or 20 students singing but some have up 70. Girton was probably the largest choir we saw in both the secondary and primary categories. 

“A lot of these student are getting good (singing) tuition and it is good to see.”

There was also a couple of close calls with choirs nearly missing their spot.

“We had choirs from Mt Macedon, Wondonga and Melbourne,” Mr Hague said. “One Melbourne school was held up by roadworks on the highway but they got here in time and did a great job.”

The eisteddfod continues over the long weekend with modern vocal performances at BSE College’s theatre from 8.30am on Satuday, Sunday and Monday.