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Parking stress

I read with interest that people are complaining about the parking facilities in the city. I agree with all that too.

I am a person with a disability sticker on my car. I use a stick or a walker.

My husband has been seriously ill in hospital for 8 weeks now, and it is a constant hassle and great expense to park near the new Base Hospital.

This is due to the city council, so I am told, not the hospital.

Should there not be provision made for visitors as well as patients with no cost or at least reduced cost?

It all adds to the stress. It is much easier at St John of God Hospital.

I hope someone will listen to this.

Frances Cushing, White Hills

Entry fees ensure children can play sport

In reply to a letter relating to junior sport entry Fees from Patricia Hall.

Firstly the junior football carnival is run by the Goulburn Campaspe Junior Football League and hosted by the Rochester Junior Football Club

The Carnival is not academy  V academy which possibly is entry free as we hosted an academy game last year and no entry fee was charged. The gate and raffle money goes to the GCJFL which helps pay for any expenses incurred by the league on the day by the league  eg umpires, programs, medallions and  trophies.

Any financial gain made by the league from the gate is then used to help finance the league’s day-to-day running costs which in turn gives children including your grandchildren the chance to play the game of football whether it be club or representative level.

Goulburn Murray Hub help run the day they do not benefit financially from the day as they are paid a yearly management fee.

I hope this clears up where the money goes and gives a slight insight that these organisations need to organise events so they can make some money to continue to give children the opportunity to play sport.

David Fuller, Rochester Junior Football club

Need for Royal Commission

The Australian Greens welcome reports that an open letter has been signed by 100 academics urging the Federal Government to establish a Royal Commission into the violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability. There was a large body of evidence to our senate inquiry on the level of violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional and residential care.

Despite all this, the Government has rejected a recommendation by the senate inquiry for a Royal Commission into the issue. They also rejected a plethora of other recommendations that if implemented would help keep people with disability safer in care. It is quite astonishing that the Government seems so disinterested in protecting people that are at such a high risk of abuse, violence and neglect; what became clear from the senate inquiry is that it desperately needs further investigating.

Without close and comprehensive scrutiny into the issue and substantial action, people with disability will continue to live in vulnerable conditions that expose them to harm. I call on the Government to reverse its decision not to hold a Royal Commission before more and more people with disability are put in harm’s way.

Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Senator 

Not impressed with budget

Better get out another spreadsheet and start working on next year’s budget surplus, because this ones in tatters already.  Instead of shouting over everybody and getting worked up trying to convince us that everything is honkey dory, the treasurer could save his breath and launch another advertising campaign simply asking, ‘economic credibility, where the bloody hell are you’?

Ken Price, Eaglehawk