Bendigo council meeting wrap


Watch the meeting in full here.

1 – Councillors voted to send the proposed ‘Lansell Crest’ development in East Bendigo to an independent, state government planning panel to consider the 101 submissions.  

There were 95 objectors and six in favour of the development through public submissions.

The development was amended by the developer last year to go from 65-104 lots.

2 – A vote to send a second planning amendment to an independent state government panel was successful. The White Hills and East Bendigo heritage study plans to apply heritage overlays in Bridge Street North, Buller Street, Gleeson Street, Norfolk Street, White Hills and Hamlet precincts. It also plans to extend two existing heritage precincts in Baxter Street and Tomlins Street.

3 –  Councillors voted on an amended motion to refuse to grant a permit to subdivide at 8 Halter Court, Junorton. Councillors deemed the proposed lot sites incompatible with existing area – in particular the proposal to remove native vegetation. 

 4 –  A vote refusing the demolition of a historic dwelling at Marong Road, West Bendigo was unanimous with councillors. Speaking to the motion, Cr Rod Fyffe said: “This is an important one, Victoria Hill has been suggested as a world heritage site, it is a significant site for Bendigo, Victoria and indeed the world. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

5 – The Bendigo Airport strategic plan 2017 was endorsed by councillors. No councillors spoke in-depth on the detail of the plan, but Cr Williams said it was just the start for attracting business, and people, to Bendigo. Cr Fyffe said: The reality is we now have a proper runway that can service jets and a lot of aircraft that we couldn't in the past. We have a very viable, major operation.”