New home, new name and a new production

After producing shows in Bendigo for 40 years, CT Productions rebranded itself as Apollo Productions earlier in the year.

The community theatre group, which started life as Bendigo Community Theatre & Arts, will unveil their first showcase production under a new name next week.

CT Productions is well known for its eclectic performances including intimate choir recitals, traditional musicals, operetta and rock operas.

They are excited to continue to strive for musical excellence as Apollo Productions.

“The rebrand to Apollo Productions reflects our organisation in 2017," artistic director Terence Carroll said.

“Our new name has taken inspiration from the Greek and Roman God of music Apollo.

"We are predominantly a group of singers - some people act and some dance but our great strength is in our singing voices."

As well as a new name, Apollo Productions also has a new home at St Paul’s Cathedral.

“It is a magnificent cathedral to work in. St Paul’s have been amazing with the way they worked with us,” Apollo Productions vice president Loretta Gibson said.

“There are really good facilities there and with our new production it is beautiful. 

“It rally fits the space. The setting of cathedral is a magnificent backdrop as are the beautiful period costumes.”

Apollo's non-professional performing group will present Norman Holland's play Princess Ascending at St Paul's Cathedral from May 24 to 26.

Princess Ascending is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth I and follows the course of 16th century English history from the Catholic Queen Mary to the coronation of the Protestant Elizabeth I.

Saari Frochot-Ryan will play Princess Elizabeth alongside Ally Grenfell who portrays Queen Mary.

It is the first play Apollo Productions has done since they put on Amadeus in 2006.

Before that they also produced plays Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Once a Catholic, Steel Magnolias and Allo Allo.

“It’s great to get back into the dramatic performing space after a 10 year hiatus in drama,” Gibson said.

“We particularly enjoy producing period pieces and Princess Ascending epitomises the beauty and majesty of historical plays.”

Apollo Productions will also perform the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Trial by Jury in October.

Apollo Productions' Princess Ascending is on at St Paul's Cathedral from May 24 to 26. Visit to book tickets.

Visit for more details.