Bendigo couple star in episode of TV show House Hunters International


Buying a house is a stressful time without inviting a film crew to follow along.

But that’s exactly what Bendigo couple Erek and Amber Ladd have done as they prepare to feature on popular real estate television program House Hunters International. 

A film crew arrived in Bendigo on Saturday for five days of shooting, footage that will be sent to the United States for editing.

The format, which sees buyers decide between three properties and ultimately choosing one, has proved popular around the world.

About 10 million viewers in 100 countries tune in to House Hunters International

Mr and Mrs Ladd’s whirlwind romance is the stuff of reality television gold and what caught the eye of producer and director Anita Poteri. 

The pair met just five days after Mr Ladd, 24, arrived from the United States for a working holiday and were inseparable ever since.

They wed in the United States last year but relocated to Bendigo to start up a recording and design business. 

“It’s not just a real estate show, it’s a really nice love story as well,” Ms Poteri said during a break in filming. 

Like all good television, House Hunters would not be completed without a conflict and for Mr and Mrs Ladd, its a difference of opinion about their style of home that aims to hook in audiences.

While Mr Ladd dreamed of a rustic home, his wife is seeking something contemporary.

“I’ve lived on a farm for years and years, and I’d like something more modern,” Mrs Ladd said.

But both would not compromise on space, saying they needed a place to house their budding business. 

Mrs Ladd, 22, said the experience was nerve-wracking because she usually preferred to work behind-the-scenes.

The process was also a learning curve for Barry Plant owner Bill Williams and agent Jesse Forbes.

“I’ve been doing this for eight years, but as soon as the camera goes on, you just forget everything,” he said, laughing.

Mr Williams said the agent did not believe at first the entertainment industry was calling. 

“But it’s a great way to showcase our wonderful city,” Mr Williams said.

No air date was set for the Ladds’ episode but they expected people could watch their house hunt in four to six months.