Car sits on McCrae Street since 2016

THINK leaving a car parked in the CBD for two months is bad? Try four months.

After the Bendigo Advertiser spotted a Toyota Camry which had been left in a Williamson Street parking space for almost two months, Addy readers were quick to point out another vehicle left to rust in the CBD.

This time, a green Ford Falcon station wagon has sat in a McCrae Street parking space since 2016.

An Addy reader said it had been there “at least four months, if not longer”.

“It's definitely been there since the start of the year,” he said.

The car has been collecting leaves opposite Universal nightclub, but has so far avoided much damage.

Like its companion on Williamson Street, a note was conveniently left on the dashboard of the Ford Falcon.

It reads: “We’re sorry. The car is broken. I’m gonna come to pick up ASAP”.

ASAP couldn’t come soon enough.

VicRoads’ responsibility, this time

While the Camry was parked on a council road, the Falcon sits on a VicRoads thoroughfare.

It has also received a parking ticket for its trouble. One parking ticket, that is – as per council bylaws in Victoria.

VicRoads regional director Mal Kersting said they were still trying to contact the owner.

“We are aware of this vehicle and its location and have started the process of contacting the owner,” he said.

“The presence of the vehicle will be monitored and appropriate action will be taken following talks or otherwise with the registered owner as per the Road Management Act.”

VicRoads has the power to impound unregistered or abandoned vehicles. If it’s registered, like the Ford Falcon, they will instead contact the owner to “remove the car as a primary response”.

Camry breaks its silence

The Toyota Camry spotted in Williamson Street remains in the same location two weeks later, taking its stay to 52 days.

Another note has been left on it, as well.

It reads: “Bald tyres stupid”.

The City of Greater Bendigo says it will take measures to remove the car once the two months are up.


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