Bendigo South East stage band perform alongside Grammy winners Blood, Sweat and Tears

Few artists ever get the chance to share the stage with a Grammy award winner, but it is an honour members of the Bendigo South East College stage band can already tick off their to-do lists.

The high school outfit was invited on to stage with Blood, Sweat and Tears during the American band’s show at Ulumbarra Theatre on Thursday night.

The bands collaborated on song Lucretia Mac Evil, a staple of the BSE group’s setlist.

Year 8 student Patrick Sebire, who plays the drums, described the gig as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

”It felt like we achieved something,” he said.

“Not many people get to do that,” he said.

The professional musicians also took time before the show to share pointers with the students, even gifting some the chance to perform solo for the 1000-person crowd.  

“They're nice people, like us, very helpful,” Patrick said.

The 13-year-old already has six years of drumming experience under his belt and said he was attracted to the instrument it kept time for the rest of the band.