Coliban Water gives residents chance to put tap water put to the test

DO YOU think the region’s tap water is up to scratch?

Residents are invited to put their palates to the test when Coliban Water holds a tap water tasting at Lake Weeroona on Friday.

Samples from eight of the region’s water supplies will be available for people to rate according to taste, smell and appearance.

Coliban Water’s general manager of water quality performance and regulation, David Sheehan, said the organisation is looking forward to hearing the community’s feedback.

“Some of our customers have told us anecdotally that they can taste the difference between tap water in different towns across our region,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for customers to get involved, try the different tap water we deliver and share their opinions with us.

“The water provide meets Australian drinking water guidelines but the taste, for example, can vary slightly across our region.

“The tap water taste test is a way for them to have their say.”

The taste testing will take place from midday today.