Better safe than sorry, driver says


A P-plater has urged fellow drivers to err on the side of caution after being surprised by the results of a breath test following the Elmore B&S Ball. 

Steven Banks recorded a blood alcohol concentration of 0.024 when tested by police at the gates of the venue about 9.15am on Sunday.

The Maryborough man said he had expected a BAC of 0.00, given that was the reading returned at a breath testing service in the car park about an hour beforehand. 

Had he known there was still alcohol in his system, the 18-year-old said he would have handed the car keys to his parents.

“I honestly wouldn’t have got behind the wheel,” Mr Banks said. 

He has no plans to contest the $389 fine or the three-month loss of licence imposed by police. 

But Mr Banks said he wanted other drivers to be aware of the possible discrepancies between the indicative breath tests available to drivers at venues serving alcohol, and those conducted by authorities.

“I don’t want other P-platers to lose their licence about that,” he said. 

The Elmore B&S Ball committee was contacted for comment.