Bendigo's David Patterson extends professional Muay Thai record to 3-0

BENDIGO'S David Patterson continues to go from strength to strength in his professional Muay Thai career.

The Bendigo powerhouse improved his record to a perfect 3-0 with a win over Gary Conway at Tabcorp Park in Melton earlier this month.

It was his first fight under full Muay Thai rules.

His trainer Phil Chapman, from the Underdog gym in Kangaroo Flat, said the pressure was on Patterson, adding in elbows, fighting at a different venue and taking on a far more experienced opponent.

Patterson responded by winning the first round convincingly, landing some heavy punches and knees.

He started the second round in explosive fashion with a jumping knee to Conway, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The strike sent Conway reeling backwards.

A flurry of spinning backfists and kicks continued from both fighters, with neither willing to give an inch.

With Patterson clearly in front at the start of the third round, Conway was desperate for a knock-out.

But Patterson finished the bout as strongly as he started to take a unanimous points decision.

Chapman said both trainer and fighter were happy with Patterson's transition to full Muay Thai fighting.

"Dave's really showing some exciting ability now, convincingly beating Gary, who has had a about 10 professional fights," he said.

"Dave was taking instructions from the corner and putting them into action straight away.

"We are now in negotiations to secure a title fight later this year."

Patterson had three bouts as an amateur before turning professional, notching a 2-1 record.

"We lost the first amateur, but it was a fight we needed to lose in order to get Dave's full attention," Chapman said.

"Since then his record has been unblemished."

Anyone wanting to learn Muay Thai or sponsor Patterson should contact Phil Chapman on 0409 011 542.