Scots Day Out celebrating its fifth year

Scots Day Out will continue to evolve when it returns to Bendigo on February 11.

Now in its fifth year, Scots Day Out will take on some contemporary aspects inspired by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Festival director Chris Earl said Nexus Youth Theatre will join the festival as will the Bendigo Cemeteries Trust while the Edinburgh Short Film Festival will return to Bendigo.

“Nexus will showcase talents including living statues, buskers and jugglers and Bendigo Cemeteries Trust will host a Scottish heritage tour on the Sunday,” he said.

Local volunteer Neil Clark has been named the festival’s chieftain for this year’s event. Neil arrived in Australia 50 years ago and celebrates his birthday on Scots Day Out.

“Neil is part of the community as a tour guide at the Visitors Information Centre and follows a line of great festival chieftains who all put their own mark on the day.”

Polarising Scottish cuisine will be in the limelight with a film at the short film festival focusing on the origins of a unique delicacy – the Deep Fried Mars Bar.