Bakers Delight worker suffers burns after hand caught in oven at Bendigo shopping centre Lansell Square

UPDATE, 1.45pm: Bakers Delight have released a statement following the incident at its Lansell Square store this morning.

It said a Bakers Delight baker was seriously injured while routinely placing a rack into an oven.

“Bakers Delight are extremely concerned for the (baker’s) and our thoughts are with him and his family at this time,” the statement said.

“We are also concerned for staff who were working in the bakery and may have witnessed the event. Our thoughts are also with our franchisees who have a close working relationship with all members of their team.

“We have provided our counselling services to all staff and the passer-by who kindly offered his assistance to our employee.”

The statement said Work Safe confirmed that all policies had been adhered to and the incident was officially deemed a workplace accident.

“Further investigations are currently underway to fully understand what has occurred and to determine if additional safeguards are required,” the statement said.

“Bakers Delight’s dedicated Workplace Health and Safety team is co-operating fully with Workplace Health and Safety officials, the authorities and the suppliers of the equipment.”

UPDATE, 1.15pm: Coles staff member Ali Roberts has praised the work of Dale Edwards who helped free the baker this morning.

Ali and her co-workers Rick and Deb were the first on the scene after hearing the baker’s cries for help but it was Mr Edwards who managed to free him.

“There were a few staff members helping. We all stayed calm and did what we could,” Ms Roberts said.

“(Dale) who released him did a mighty job and is a hero.”

Ms Roberts said she provided wet tea towels to the baker while her co-workers provided information over the phone to emergency services.

“We got him a chair and some cool towels and tried to establish if he had feeling in his fingers,” she said.

“It look like the rack that rolls out from the oven had tipped and maybe he had got his hand trapped that way. It was well and truly stuck. 

“We couldn't push the racks back in, so Dale reached in there and got the racks out so could get his arm out. 

“Dale was absolutely brilliant, I told paramedics to make sure look after him because he's a hero.”

Ms Roberts, who was first on the scene, said they also watched over the baker’s co-worker.

“He was only a young bloke and we were worried about him going into shock,” she said.

“I heard (the baker) yell out and ran straight over there.”

The Coles co-workers return to work after emergency services arrived.

“We have been keeping an eye on each other all day and making sure we are alright,” she said.

UPDATE, 12.15pm: Dale Edwards, 31, was the man passing by who helped free a baker’s hand that was trapped in an oven.

Mr Edwards said he was shopping at Coles when he heard the baker’s cries for help.

“I saw a co-worker trying to help move his hand and wondered if they were mucking around but it was clear he was stuck. I ran from Coles into the bakery to try and help,” he said.

Mr Edwards said it looked like racks in the oven had fallen from their shelving and wedged in the door, trapping the baker.

He said it took between five and 10 minutes to free the man’s hand.

“(The racks) were wedged in the door, I had to put my hand in to help,” he said.

“I just told him to keep calm, concentrate on breathing and that we would get him out. The oven was off but it still had enough heat in it to do damage to me.”

Mr Edwards suffered minor burns to his elbow and knee along with a dislocated shoulder.

“I’ve got a couple burns on knee and elbow, but they’re only minor and not as bad as his,” he said.

“I’m doing alright at moment. I’m still seeing some images that I’d rather not see but I would rather save someone than do nothing.

“Hopefully (the baker) gets better quickly. I’ll be happy to catch up for a beer and talk if he wants.”

UPDATE, 10.10am: A spokesman for Work Safe has confirmed they are making inquiries into the incident.

UPDATE, 8.55am: Police have confirmed a man working at Bakers Delight got his hand caught in an oven while working on Wednesday.

Senior Constable Mick Delaney said the accident occurred about 7.05am.

“A male in his early 20s has received major burns to his hands and been transported to Bendigo Hospital where he will be conveyed to the Major Burns Unit in Melbourne,” he said.

Senior Constable Delaney said a passer-by helped free the man’s hand.

“He has heard the cries for help after the man’s hand was caught in the oven and ran across to release it. He has done a great job,” he said.

The man who helped the baker received minor injuries to his arm.

WorkSafe is currently completing an investigation on site.

“At this point in time it looks like an accident, staff don't appear to have taken any shortcuts or anything like that,” Senior Constable Delaney said.

“But that's why WorkSafe are here, they'll make their inquiries and we'll go from there.

“Bakers Delight will not be open until WorkSafe finish their inquiries.

Ambulance Victoria confirmed they treated two people in Kangaroo Flat.

A spokeswoman said they were transported to Bendigo Hospital and were in a stable condition.

UPDATE 8.22am: Paramedics have wheeled one person from the shopping centre on a stretcher.

WorkSafe has arrived at the scene.

EARLIER: Emergency services are responding to an incident inside a store at Lansell Square, Kangaroo Flat.

Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, and the State Emergency Service and Country Fire Authority have been at the shopping centre since just after 7am.

WorkSafe is also en route to the scene.

The shopping centre remains open.

More to come.