Business resumes at bank in Bendigo | Photos

UPDATE, 3PM: Bank Australia staff in Bendigo have returned to the building after an allegedly suspicious package was discovered to be a backpack left behind by a customer.

“We were able to remotely log into the CCTV footage,” Bendigo Acting Sergeant Megan Gladstone said.

“The very helpful staff at Bank Australia were able to identify the customer and we were able to speak to him and realise it was just an error and he had left the bag behind.”

“There were no concerns for the safety of any persons.”

About 30 people were evacuated from the bank for about an hour while police investigated. 

EARLIER: POLICE have been called to investigate after a suspicious package was found at a bank in central Bendigo.

The Bank Australia building on the corner of Wills and Mitchell streets has been evacuated and multiple police units are on the scene.

They have cordoned off the entrance to the building.

More to come.