Short films to celebrate art exhibitions.

The La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre is presenting two short films.

The films celebrate the David Hockney: Current Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Simon Finn exhibition, Beyond the Frustum, currently showing at the VAC. 

SIMULATION:  Simon Finn, Suspended, 2016, animation still.

SIMULATION: Simon Finn, Suspended, 2016, animation still.

La Trobe University is the higher education partner for the National Gallery of Victoria and will present the NGV Summer School program focusing on David Hockney’s recent work.

The short film, which will be on continuous rotation in the VAC auditorium, when it is not being used for functions, features a fascinating interview with David Hockney as he walks through the joyful and immersive NGV exhibition.

The second film features Melbourne artist Simon Finn. The short documentary takes viewers into the artist’s studio where he discusses his use of simulation technology to produce and create drawings, animations and sculptures.