Rapper Fablice Manirakiza waxes lyrical on the need for peace

A former child soldier turned rapper has shared his story with the students of a number of local schools.

Fablice Manirakiza

Fablice Manirakiza

Fablice Manirakiza, who was born in Burundi before being forcibly taken to be a child soldier, fled to a Tanzanian refugee camp before he was sent to Australia when he was 14.

Mr Manirakiza's music aims to spread a message of peace, as well as an understanding of the turmoil from which he has fled.

His rap duo FLYBZ performed on Wednesday night to 30 people at the Old Church on the Hill.

Young People for Refugees president Tayla Hansen said: “Fablice showed us what an amazing young man he is, he told his story and performed a few songs for us, and by the end of the evening he was performing with us.

“He had every person in the church, young and old, on their feet singing and dancing. 

“The quality of performance was second to none. It amazes me how someone who has been through such horrors, can get up on a stage and talk about it with such charisma and even humour. 

“Fablice is obviously a talent, but his story and his message is just as valuable. He echoes the need for proper education among young people, and that young people are our future.

“It will be young people who change this world, and it is up to us to start making that change today.”

Former refugee and human rights advocate Fayia Isaiah, who spent 14 years in refugee camps in Guinea, also spoke at the schools.