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BITTER BLOW: Letter-writer Nola Aicken, of Epsom, says it would be devastating if a development was allowed to proceed at the Nanga Gnulle site. Picture: NONI HYETT
BITTER BLOW: Letter-writer Nola Aicken, of Epsom, says it would be devastating if a development was allowed to proceed at the Nanga Gnulle site. Picture: NONI HYETT

Protect iconic gardens

I cannot believe that the Bendigo council will allow this iconic property to be demolished. 

Mr and Mrs Green built the house at Nanga Gnulle using treasures that they collected over the years from significant historical properties around Bendigo. 

As for the gardens, where else would you find such a paradise in Bendigo. It is devastating news and such a loss for Bendigo if this subdivision goes ahead.

Nola Aicken, Epsom

New train services fail to address core problem

Recently the Premier Dan Andrews was in Bendigo and made the comments that they need to talk and listen to the community and use commonsense.

Well, if only he and other government ministers had did this when they removed the double tracks between Bendigo and Melbourne, a real no brainer to say the least.

They listened to advisers and consultants that had no knowledge or understanding of the Rail Industry and ignored people who had many years of experience in rail, a waste of taxpayer’s dollars.

They certainly didn’t use any commonsense then.

If they had of did this they certainly wouldn’t be in the predicament they are now with train services on the Bendigo Line.

While it is good that we will receive more services, it’s disappointing there isn’t any sign to create extra services during peak hour periods.

To put extra carriages on isn’t going to work as a number of stations’ platforms are unable to cater for a six-car set now.

If they still had the double track between Bendigo and Melbourne, and they completed the designated line from Sunbury to Southern Cross, they would have separate lines for travel in either direction.

Also, if the trains stopped at Sunbury and passengers wishing to get off at suburban stations between Sunbury and Southern Cross they could use the suburban system and allow the Bendigo train to then run express to Southern Cross and not share the line with suburban trains.

This could save time for commuters cutting down travel time and perhaps get back to the original concept of a fast train.

So one can only hope that our politician’s and leaders start to practice what they preach before it is too late.

Ivan Kitt, Bendigo

Preserving small town history a big deal

The Bendigo Advertiser (“Small town histories on the record”, November 21) included reference to my book Grass-seeds and Thistles – the early years of Moora, Gobarup and Wanalta.

Travelling from Bendigo towards Rushworth, it is easy to miss the signs which mark these tiny farming districts.

I would like to encourage anyone prepared to record even brief histories of tiny farming districts such as these.

The current generation and those which will follow deserve the opportunity to see how people lived from the time land selectors took up the challenges back around 1870.

How the horse and cart were the standard means of travel, on hazardous tracks, risking injury and worse any time a wheel passed over a stump beside the "road".

How the tiny, far-from-weatherproof, single-room schools housed up to 40 scholars.

How the people traveled to meetings to push for a railway service, to attend concerts and sports events, needing to light lamps (and fires) if the activities were in the evenings.

If you have the historical material – photos, maps, letters, articles – don't let the silverfish destroy them.

Put them together and share the local history. It is an investment in tomorrow's generations and their understanding of life as it used to be.

Alan L McLean, Travancore


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