Central Victorian local elections 2012: Preliminary results

Below are provisional results for central Victorian local elections.

Loddon Shire

A representation review in 2011 saw a new ward structure divide Loddon Shire into five wards for the 2012 election.

With three of Loddon Shire's five wards uncontested preliminary results from first preference votes show:

Boort Ward

Neil Beattie (returning unopposed)

Inglewood Ward

Colleen Condliffe (new unopposed)

Tarnagulla Ward

Geoff Curnow - 58.88% (returning)

Allen Brownbill - 41.12%

Terrick Ward

Cheryl McKinnon - 61.83% (new)

Ron Peacock - 38.17%

Wedderburn Ward

Gavan Holt (returning unopposed)

Campaspe Shire

As results from Echuca and Kyabram-Deakin Wards continue to be counted Campaspe Shire looks like getting at least two new councillors with Adrian Weston voted into the Waranga Ward over re-standing candidate Marion Riley.

Greg Toll looks set to return to his seat in the Western Ward while Leigh Wilson will represent Rochester Ward.

Provisional first preference votes:

Echuca Ward

Ian Maddison

Emma Bradbury

Paul Jarman

Kyabram-Deakin Ward

Robert Danieli

Neil Pankhurst

Carol Howell

Rochester Ward

Leigh Wilson - 84.38% (new)

Waranga Ward

Adrian Weston - 52.37% (new)

Marion Riley - 31.48%

Geoff Francis - 16.16%

Western Ward

Greg Toll - 55.45% (returning)

Gregory Callaway - 44.55%

Hepburn Shire

Three new councillors look set to join four returning ones in Hepburn Shire.

Residents voted in Kate Redwood, Pierre Niclas and Greg May as well as returning Sebastian Klein, Neil Newitt, Don Henderson and Bill McClenaghan to their posts.

Provisional results from first preference votes:

Birch Ward

Kate Redwood (new)

Pierre Niclas (new)

Cameron Ward

Neil Newitt (returning)

Coliban Ward

Sebastian Klein (returning)

Creswick Ward

Don Henderson (returning)

Greg May (new)

Holcombe Ward

Bill McClenaghan (unopposed)

Central Goldfields Shire

FIVE Central Goldfields councillors look set to return under a new ward structure according to preliminary results.

Residents have returned John Smith, Paula Nixon, Geoff Lovett, Barry Rinaldi and Ian Robertson with Wendy McIvor and John Van Beveren likely to join them.

Provisional results from first preference votes:

Flynn Ward

John Smith - 75.34% (returning)

Peter Thoonen - 24.66%

Maryborough Ward (4 vacancies)

Paula Nixon

Geoff Lovett

Wendy McIvor

Barry Rinaldi

Paddys Ranges Ward

John Van Beveren - 52.35% (new)

Chris Meddows-Taylor - 47.65%

Tullaroop Ward

Ian Robertson - 58.33% (returning)

Lyn Curry - 41.67%

Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Votes for the three wards, are being counted by the proportional representation method. Watch the video below for an explanation of the counting method

East Ward (3 vacancies)

Results to come

South Ward (3 vacancies)

Results to come

West Ward (3 vacancies)

Results to come

Buloke Shire Council

All candidates re-nominating for the Buloke Shire Council look like returning for another term.

Residents look to have voted Graeme Milne and Gail Sharp to join David Pollard, Stuart McLean, Reid Mather, Ellen White and Leo Tellefson on council.

Provisional results from first preference votes:

Lower Avoca Ward (2 vacancies)

David Pollard - 41.75% (returning)

Stuart McLean - 34.72% (returning)

Alan Getley - 23.53%

Mallee Ward (2 vacancies)

Reid Mather - (returning unopposed)

Ellen White - (returning unopposed)

Mount Jeffcott Ward (3 vacancies)

Leo Tellefson - 34.13%

Graeme Milne - 30.61%

Gail Sharp - 19.07%

Gannawarra Shire Council

At least three incumbents will return for another term according to provisional VEC results.

Provisional results from first preference votes:

Avoca Ward

Neil Gannon - 62.23% (returning)

Bryon Winn - 37.77%

Murray Ward

Oscar Aertssen (unopposed)

Patchell Ward (3 vacancies)

Keith den Houting (unopposed)

Mark Arians (unopposed)

Brian Gibson (unopposed)

Yarran Ward (2 vacancies)

Neville Goulding - 41.52%

Lorraine Learmonth - 38.19%

Glenn Hall - 20.29%

Northern Grampians Shire Council

Provisional results from first preference votes:

Central Ward

Kevin Erwin - 75.11%

Dean Thomas - 24.89%

Kara Kara Ward (2 vacancies)

Jim Anderson (unopposed)

Tony Driscoll (unopposed

South West Ward

Paul Russell - 68.34%

Ross Clementson - 31.66%

Stawell Ward (3 vacancies)

Wayne Rice - 41.12%

Murray Emerson - 23.73%

Karen Hyslop - 19.52%


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